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Wolf Maneuvers (Nose to Tail Inc. 3) by Julia Talbot at TurtleHat Creatives

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Shifters / Romance / Action/Adventure / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 11-May-2021

Book Blurb

Gunnar is pretty happy to be a mostly retired black ops soldier, working security for the Marcon pack in the Colorado mountains. He loves the whole crazy pack of alpha and kids, but sometimes he gets a little envious of the loving relationships he sees all around him. So when new teacher Kai shows up unexpectedly, he has his worries about the guy, but he also wants to get to know Kai. Intimately.

Kai isn't just at the Marcon pack home to teach the many children they've adopted. He's been hired by Nose to Tail as added security, because of a threat to the children's safety. He's supposed to be there on the downlow, so even though he wants to tell Gunnar why he's arrived, he knows he has to keep it to himself. He's never met anyone like Gunnar, though, never been part of a pack, so he has no idea what he's in for.

Kai and Gunnar have to navigate a growing mate bond, a danger to the pack that might just end their relationship before it starts, and find trust in each other. Can they do all that before it's too late?


Book Review

It has been quite a while since I visited the world of ‘Nose to Tail Inc.’ and returning to the chaos of Kenneth, Jack, and Miles’s home was so much fun! These three men have adopted four more children since I last saw them, making the total nine shifter children ranging in age from two to seventeen – Yikes! Getting the chance to see the craziness in the house and the new love story between Gunnar and Kai was a very enjoyable read with a lot of laughs.


Gunnar is now a permanent addition to the household’s security staff with his primary duties being bodyguard/security for Kenneth and his mates. Kai is brought in by Richard, owner of Nose to Tail, as a teacher for the older children and as added security for all the kids. The second part of his duties is kept secret by Richard, as he doesn’t want to worry and upset Kenneth that he’s gotten rumors someone might come after the children to use as leverage against the powerful alpha.


Gunnar is just as sexy as I remembered, being that wonderful combination of strong, powerful, caring, and loyal to his pack. He doesn’t know what to make of Kai initially and is instantly a little suspicious. Kai is adorable, truly. He looks younger than he is, he’s highly intelligent with two PhDs, he’s skilled in serious defensive tactics, and he’s sweet, gentle, and kind with the kids. Kai was adopted by a wolverine as a young pup and never grew up in a pack so has spent his whole life on the outside looking in. Of course, he’s also spent that whole time convincing himself he doesn’t need or want a pack, and that life isn’t for him. Silly wolf!


I loved watching Gunnar and Kai fall in love and discover that they’re mates—with Kai being slower on the uptake here since he’s totally unfamiliar with this concept—all while traversing the daily zaniness that makes up this house. The mystery, so to speak, portion of the story was done very well with an ending I could relate to. My only criticism of this book is that the writing, while very good, could be extremely confusing with changing POVs within paragraphs and not always knowing who said what as it wasn’t clearly defined. This made for more than one moment of “HUH?” and trying to backtrack to figure out the plot line.


All in all, ‘Wolf Maneuvers’ was a lovely addition to the series and since it ended with adding three mountain lions and six minks to the security staff for the children, I’m really hoping the author will write more in this world. Thank you, Julia, for this world and the never-ending free-for-all that is this house.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 220 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-March-2021
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