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Unbroken Hearts (Unbreak My Heart 2) by K-lee Klein

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 17-May-2021

Book Blurb

Country singer turned rancher Brett Taylor fought his way out of the bottle, so he could have JT Campbell in his life. JT’s patience, intelligence, and humor broke through Brett’s walls of depression, and now the once-isolated rancher and his young California guy in search of himself are together on Brett’s Texas ranch.

While Brett and JT are more in love than ever, they’re still dealing with past baggage and learning how to move forward. Brett’s former lover casts a long shadow over their lives—one JT tries to pretend doesn’t bother him. Can Brett soothe his fears with the sort of sappy, sentimental Valentine’s Day JT was taught to shun growing up—but secretly always wanted?

When Halloween rolls around, a costumed night out at the local bar might lead to another romantic first. And on Christmas morning, JT awakes to some sweet loving and the most meaningful gift he could ever imagine. The New Year truly brings a new beginning—ushered in by some silly, sparkly, and sexy fun.

One year. Four important holidays. Two men who have worked hard for the love and trust they share and the bright future that’s finally within their grasp.

First edition published as Unbroken Hearts and Unwrapped Hearts by Amber Quill Press, 2014.

Second edition published by Dreamspinner Press, October 2017.

Book Review

“My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you.” ~ unknown

JT and Brett, of 'Unbroken Hearts' by K-lee Klein, have a relationship that has been won but are still fighting their own demons. It's the first real relationship JT has ever had and after spending so many Valentine’s Days alone, he's looking forward to having a valentine to share it with. At the least, JT envisions a romantic night with Brett. Brett is being his usual affectionate self, but never mentions that it is Valentine's Day. In fact, he seems to have entirely forgotten about what day it is and accepted a dinner invitation with his mom and Ray, his foreman, to see a performance by an old friend. JT sees his romantic time bubble burst in a million pieces.

JT has gotten a gift for Brett and, although it's not exactly romantic, he's sure Brett will like it. As close as they have become, JT is not expecting flowers and candy but he is hoping for some kind of token showing how happy Brett is to be with him and some time to reaffirm their love. JT is still a bit insecure on the farm where Walt, Brett's former lover, died, particularly with the barn where he died still standing. It's an issue they have to discuss and remedy once and for all.

As the day goes on, seemingly like any other day, JT fumes about being “forgotten”. It peeves him even more when Brett obviously knows something is wrong and tries to get JT to talk with him about it, but JT adamantly insists that he's fine. JT finally decides to confront Brett and let him know how disappointed he is. But Brett says he's busy just then and they will talk later. This only frustrates JT more. To make matters even worse, Ray has to bring JT to dinner instead of Brett who, for some reason, has business in town that can't wait. JT is frustrated but tries to accept his fate as gracefully as possible. When they arrive at the bar, Brett is nowhere to be seen. Brett's mom senses his impatience and disappointment and tells JT to trust her son. When Brett finally reveals his big Valentine's Day surprise showing he definitely didn't forget JT and their first Valentine's Day together, JT is speechless.

This is an endearing love story between two men who truly care for each other. It's easy to fall in love with JT and Brett, as well as Molly, Brett's mom, and Ray. They are all wonderfully flawed and unpredictable in thoughts and actions which often result in some unusual, touching, and sometimes hilarious behavior. If you enjoy reading about cowboys, horses, ranches, strong female characters, and sensuous men who make love instead of just f*cking, you may like this story. Thanks, K-lee. As long as you are writing about JT and Brett, I'll keep reading and enjoying your stories.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 202 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-March-2020
Price $2.99 ebook
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