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Three Uncaged and One Makes Four (Shifter Rescue 4) by Sean Michael

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Menage MMM / Menage MMMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 10-May-2021

Book Blurb

Welcome to the Old Tavern Club, a front for a shifter rescue organization. Can the club rescue shifters and make the perfect matches while they’re at it?

Three Uncaged

Have three big cat shifters just exchanged one cage for another?

Stripe, Xeno and Shen are three cat shifters who have spent most of their lives in cages at a zoo. They’re used to hiding their human selves, being abused and feeling hungry. When they are rescued and brought to the Old Tavern along with the rest of the shifters at the zoo, the three are put in rooms together.

Unsure if they have just traded one cage for another, the three count on each other for comfort and protection. When they find they can share more than just comfort with each other, they very quickly become a collective. Now if only they knew if they were really safe, maybe they could start a new life together.

And One Makes Four

Can Levi stay professional when confronted with three sexy shifter rescues? Does he want to?

Now that zoo shifters Stripe, Xeno and Shen have been rescued, Pirou finds an expert to help them learn how to live their own lives.

Levi is good at his job, professional and passionate about helping. After all, he was a rescue once himself. He always provides whatever help he can, and he never takes advantage of his charges. These three are different, though, and when Shen makes overtures, Levi finds himself unable to resist the sweet kit. Stripe, Xeno and Shen come as a package, though.

Is there a way for three to become four?

First edition of 'Three Uncaged' published by Changeling Press, June 2017.

First edition of 'And One Makes Four' published by Changeling Press, September 2017.

Book Review

Three Uncaged

This seventh story in the ‘Shifter Rescue’ series has three formerly abused shifters at its center, all of them in desperate need for help. Stripe is a tiger, Xeno a panther, and Shen a snow leopard, but all three are weak from malnourishment and scared when they are rescued from their abusers at the zoo. They end up at the Old Tavern Club, in the care of Pirou and his friends from previous volumes, but the newcomers have no idea whether the men who freed them are rescuers or their new jailers. When they begin to discover that they may just be safe, and figure out that the three of them belong together, they decide that the setting is ideal for further exploration of their human natures and their feelings all at the same time.

Stripe is the most forward of the three, the strongest, and the one who takes the lead in communicating their needs; he quickly decides he is the protector of the other two. Xeno is fast and while he is not quick to trust, he decides to throw his lot in with Stripe once the tiger promises they will both take care of the much shier Shen. Shen takes a long time to find his way back to his human side, staying in cat form is his way of protecting himself from the worst of the fear he can feel when he is a human. It takes a lot of coaxing from the other two for Shen to come out of his shell, as it were.

All three shifters need time to learn to trust the people taking care of them. Getting rid of their fear is not an easy process, and having faith that the future is better than the past takes quite a while. It gives them time to get to know each other better and to discover that there is more between them than a shared past. The physical side of their relationship develops fairly quickly, but the emotions take longer.

If you like stories where the abused learn to trust again, if you think that sticking together is safer than going it alone, and if you’re looking for a read full of sweet three-way discoveries and lots of loving, then you will probably like this novella.



And One Makes Four

It hasn’t been a long time since I read the seventh story in this series, where I got to know Stripe, the protective tiger shifter, Xeno, the panther shifter eager to help, and Shen, an extremely shy snow leopard shifter. At the very end of the story, Levi was introduced as someone to help the abused shifters transition into a life outside the zoo where they’d previously been held captive. The vibes between him and the three others made me hope there would be a sequel. Boy, was I happy to see I was right when I got to this book.

Levi, as it turns out, is a lion shifter who was rescued from a circus. So he knows some of what the other three are going through – the uncertainty, how new freedom is, and the lack of understanding of how to live their lives now that they control their own destinies. Levi is very good at gaining their trust, and once it is given, grooming each other is only the start. All four shifters quickly discover how compatible they are on a physical level, and things turn very hot and passionate, very fast.

If you like shifters new to the human world trying to find their place, if you believe that a triad can turn into a quartet, and if you’re looking for a read full of discoveries, physical pleasures as four men learn what they like in bed, and a determination to stick together from now on, then you will probably like this short novella.




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Length Collection/ 2 novellas, 104 pages
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Publication Date 04-May-2021
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