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Soulmate (Soulmates 1) by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Psychic Powers / Age Gap / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-June-2018

Book Blurb

Guy Keaton doesn’t want a hookup or a soulmate or anything in between. When he lost his wife to cancer, he knew he’d be alone for the rest of his life. He has a grown son, and his woodshop, and in a world where those born with powerful gifts are few and far between, that’s all that really matters. 

Theo Fraser’s empathic gift is rare and strong. He isn’t looking for love, but when he meets Guy, everything changes, because he knows that when you find your soulmate, you hold on tight and don’t let go. The only problem is that Guy thinks he’s straight, and Theo doesn’t know if he can convince a man already set in his ways to change his mind. 

Will Guy be able to give up his grief and accept Theo’s love? And what happens when a terrible betrayal forces them to fight to keep each other alive?


Book Review

I had no inkling from the description how very interesting the worldbuilding was going to be in this first book of a new series. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I’ve read this author before and she has a wonderful talent. In ‘Soulmate’ only about one percent of the population has any Craft power and within that percentage very few of them can do more than sense the energy of their particular affinity, they lack any active talent. Soulmates are people who each have a Craft, who are bonded together which extends their lifespan and increases their Craft power, but finding a soulmate within that one percent is very rare.

Guy is a WoodCrafter with a very strong Craft in wood – feeling it, working with it, manipulating it – although he likes to do most of his work by hand and without using his power. He lost his beloved wife a few years ago to cancer and even though she was not of the Craft, and they were not soulmates, he loved her very deeply and grieves still. He doesn’t want a soulmate and he certainly doesn’t want to remember his bisexual feelings long ago before he met his wife.

Theo is very powerful with an Empathy Craft and at the age of thirty he is already a council delegate. The council mostly mediates disputes between Crafters and handles public relations with the much larger nongifted population. Theo is fairly new to the council but he has already begun to sense underlying issues going on that he’s struggling to decipher. When Theo meets Guy his empathy tells him immediately that they are soulmates but it also tells him Guy is very sad and he has no clue that his soulmate could be a man.

Because they’re soulmates Guy and Theo can’t stay away from one another for very long and once they’ve bonded both of their Craft powers increase substantially. Guy will now be able to make the powerful soulmate rings that are so valued. Unfortunately, Theo’s gift of empathy being stronger is going to make returning to DC and the council even harder as he’ll really struggle to control his gift. The majority of the council is made up of older men with a bit of a bigotry problem. Theo is the first empath to serve on the council in fifty years - mostly because people of power are becoming fewer and fewer - and he constantly has a battle on his hands not to mention his worry about the secretive business he suspects the council head is involved in.

What an extremely intriguing beginning of a series. I suspect that more worldbuilding will be exposed in future stories and I’m excited to see what it all comes to. The plot of a deviant group of Crafters isn’t a new trope but I believe this author will make the most of it. I adored Theo and Guy and I hope their story continues. If a new couple is to be introduced next, then I hope I get to see these two men I came to care for. I’m super jazzed to see what the future brings!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 53000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-April-2018
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