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Mr. Winterbourne's Christmas (Winterbourne 2) by Joanna Chambers

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 14-May-2021

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Lysander Winterbourne has been living happily at Edgeley Park for the last eighteen months. By day he is Adam Freeman's estate manager, by night, his lover...but Adam never speaks of his feelings and Lysander has no idea whether their relationship is any more than a convenient arrangement for Adam.

When the two men are invited to Winterbourne Abbey for a family Christmas, matters quickly come to a head. Snowed in at the Abbey with a house full of guests, Lysander has to face up to shocking revelations, long-held secrets and a choice he never expected to have to make...

Book Review

“For the longest while I'd forget to smile. Then I met you.... I'll be loving you always, with a love that's true always. When the things you've planned need a helping hand, I will understand, always.” ~ Irving Berlin

The events presented in 'Mr. Winterbourne's Christmas' by Joanna Chambers take place about a year and a half after the first book about Lysander and Adam, 'Introducing Winterbourne', at the end of which the couple found a way to live and love without the world closing in on them. They are so happy together at Adam's residence, Edgeley Park, that they don't dare breathe a word about their true feelings for each other because they don't want to break the spell.

With Christmas coming, Adam is despondent because Lysander will be spending Christmas with his family and Adam resents being separated. They live such an idyllic life at Edgeley Park that they are spoiled, safe to love each other as they wish, not hindered by the outside world. Adam would like to go with Lysander, but Lysander's father resents Adam because of the financial debt Adam took on for him; Adam knows he is not welcome. But, to everyone's surprise, especially Adam's, he does receive an invitation. Pleased that he will not be separated from Lysander, but suspicious about the motives behind the invite, Adam agrees to go.

Lysander is happy he won't have to spend Christmas without his lover, although he knows they will have to be on their best behavior. They are dedicated to each other, but neither is sure of how the other views their relationship. Since Lysander knows that Adam has been with other men, he is afraid that Adam will tire of him and send him away. Adam, on the other hand, doesn't believe that Lysander, who loves being around lots of people, the golden boy among society, would want to be stuck out in the country with just him. With their relationship not clearly defined, they enter a web of deceit while on shaky ground, leaving lots of room for uncertainty and misunderstanding.

Historical romance is my favorite genre and few write it as well as Joanna. Although full of love and passion, her romances are not set in a fairy tale sort of world. Joanna's stories contain men in love, from another era, who have to find a way around not only tradition, keeping their relationship a secret, but having to break the law to be together. Joanna always finds a “practical” way to help the lovers stay together. Thank you, Joanna, for another success story about how love can conquer all.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 108 pages
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Publication Date 19-November-2018
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