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A Surplus of Light by Chase Connor - AUDIO

Genre Gay / Contemporary / New Adult / Romance
Reviewed by Forgottenastronauts on 18-January-2020

Book Blurb

"He's a psycho." That's what Mike is told when he asks who the kid is with the dark swoop of hair and eyes that look like icebergs floating in milk. From that moment, it becomes Mike's mission to find out everything about this kid. The kid who can fight better than anyone, but doesn't want to. The kid who is the greatest artist Mike's ever met. The kid who only wants to be his friend during the lightest days of summer. The kid who tells him that being his friend at school will only ruin Mike's reputation. Regardless of what the kid tells Mike, he doesn't realize that summer is the best time--it has the most light--and it makes it easier for Mike to see who he truly is. And there's no way Mike will back off once he sees this kid for who he truly is.

Book Review

I absolutely LOVED this book, so I was dying to hear this in audio!

This coming of age story had so much emotion and want, it was very gripping. I loved how the two main characters knew they had a future, but respected each other enough to wait until they were both ready. I loved that the person who was regarded as a loser, a fighter, and nothing to the small town was actually the most kind, loving, and selfless person.
There were so many lessons taught by Ian to Mike that were heartwarming and sad, but inevitably beautiful. Chase Connor writes emotion that hits the depth of my soul.

Brian Lore Evans is a new-to-me narrator, but I can’t imagine this book performed by anyone else. He captured the tone and feeling of the words so perfectly, his voice breaking with Ian and Mike’s sentiment without fail. It added a depth to the story that I didn’t even think was possible, and just brought Ian and Mike further to life. He’s definitely a narrator that I will look for in the future.

Very worth the read AND listen. Perfectly performed. Absolutely recommended.





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Additional Information

Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novella, 161 pages/3 hours 16 minutes (audio)
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-September-2018
Price $2.99, $10.99 paperback, $12.99 audio
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