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Harmonious Hearts 2018 - Stories from the Young Author Challenge at Harmony Ink Press

Genre Gay / Lesbian / Trans* / Contemporary / Young Adult / New Adult / Romance
Length Anthology/ 11 short stories, 234 pages/75855 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-October-2018

Book Blurb

Diversity is our strength, and now more than ever, the voices of young LGBTQIA authors need to be heard. Harmony Ink is proud to showcase the next generation of talented writers in our fifth annual Harmonious Hearts anthology. These authors, all between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, are the winners of our Young Author Challenge and represent the future voices of our community. We are honored to showcase these writers, their experiences, visions, and the glimpses into their hearts in these pages. Join them on their journey and help us celebrate their courage, their love, and their unique ways of seeing the world.

Dev’s Law—A. Aduma

Dev has a crush on Law, his nerdy next-door neighbor. When Law confesses that his dad found out he’s gay and isn’t happy, Dev resolves to stand by Law as he comes out—but that might mean it’s the wrong time for Dev to come out with his own feelings.


Someone Else’s Star—Arbour Ames

When three bizarre newcomers arrive in Goulcrest, Kelly sees an opportunity to learn about his dead father and his heritage. But Fletcher, who has loved Kelly for as long as he can remember, worries that the mysterious visitors could mean the end of his dreams.


A Boy Like Edgar—Nick Anthony

Art student Gabe is known as much for the lack of passion in his paintings as his impeccable technique. His fellow student Edgar is just the opposite—his work is bright and expressive, something he might pass on to Gabe as they become more than friends.


Just A Phase—M. Caldeira

Emme is very perceptive when she needs to be, and she tries to be friendly and helpful, but she can no longer accept her friend’s claim that her attraction to girls is just a phase. Can a confrontation and discussion help her friend move past the lie and into another phase… with Emme as her girlfriend? 


The Head That Wears a Crown—Kat Freydl

When Charlie’s mother died, Charlie embraced superstition to the extent it sent him to therapy. He’s only now realizing that the ghosts he sensed all around him were his way of dealing with emotion. Will he be able to lay those ghosts to rest when he admits to his brother that he’s a boy, even though he’s always been seen as a girl?


2:00 A.M.—Sonali Gattani

Texting with his best friend Kara helps a young man unravel his feelings about being gay. But when an unimaginable tragedy strikes, can it help him let go of his anger and confusion to move on with his life?


The Train Station—B.K. Hayes

Feeling unworthy of continuing her life on earth, a nameless girl finds herself at a train station where she hopes to journey somewhere she can be worthwhile and free from pain. Can Aleja, a guide who bears a striking resemblance to her lost love, convince her she deserves happiness?


Of College and Lost Dogs—Mattye Johnson

When she starts college, Cael meets Milo, Haile, and Glenn, and since Haile and Glenn are deaf, she starts learning to sign. She hopes she and Haile might become more than friends, and she’s happy to help when Haile’s service dog, Anna, goes missing. Neither girl is prepared for the surprise awaiting them when Anna is found.


The Language Unspoken—Chelsea Winters

Between college, his job, and his traitorous asthma, Cody has enough to worry about without pining over a handsome stranger who comes into the florist shop one day while he’s working. Or a secret admirer who sends him a mysterious bouquet, with only a single-letter hint to their identity: J.


Subtle—Daniel Okulov

Though Justin begged his mother to find someone to deal with his autistic brother, Matty, he soon becomes jealous of the sitter, Dakota, and his connection to Matty. Justin goes out of his way to avoid Dakota, but even if Justin claims to dislike him, Dakota and his unique perspective might be exactly what Justin needs.


143—Chloe Smith

Penelope’s life changes forever when her dad reveals she had an aunt she never knew about, an aunt who died last year. While learning more about Aunt Catherine, Penelope discovers someone who sacrificed everything for her partner and her love of women—someone just like Penelope.

Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Publisher Harmony Ink Press
Length Anthology/ 11 short stories, 234 pages/75855 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-October-2018
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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