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Ghost Train (Haunted Souls 16) by Pandora Pine

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Psychic Powers / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Length Novel, 176 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-September-2023

Book Blurb

All aboard the ghost train! If you dare…

Needing a well-deserved vacation, psychics Copeland Forbes and Tennyson Grimm accept an offer to take The Lincoln Ghost Train from Boston to Chicago. While on board, the psychics will provide private readings to the passengers and will speak with the spirits who inhabit each of the famously haunted locations the tour will visit. When Cope has an eerie premonition of danger, he chalks it up to being overtired and boards the sleeper car with his family in tow.

Detective Jude Byrne is burned out from working cold cases with his partner Ronan O’Mara. Both men are leery of taking the haunted train, but finally acquiesce when they’re told the second half of the trip will include a week’s stay at a dude ranch out west. Worried his husband will encounter spirits more powerful than his gift can handle, Jude vows to protect his family at all costs.

One day into the trip, Cope encounters Augusta Harbor, a Civil War widow who has spent the last century and half searching for her son, a Union soldier who died on a muddy battlefield mere months before the conflict ended. She appears to be a kind woman dealing with unimaginable heartbreak, but Cope is well aware that looks can be deceiving.

What no one knows is that Augusta will go to any length to reunite with her son, even if that means making Jude and Cope permanent inhabitants of the ghost train.


Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Independently Published
Length Novel, 176 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-September-2023
Price $5.99 ebook
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