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Once Upon a Dream by Megan Derr

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Romance
Length Collection/ 18 short stories, 73000 words
Publication Date 20-October-2016

Book Blurb

A compilation of many of the fairytales I've written over the years, gathered tidily in one place. This volume is compiled from free works on my website, stories written for various challenges and prompts, and other straggling tales.

Some of these are my spins on familiar tales, like Cinderella and Ivan and the Wolf, others are simply based on well-known types of fairytales.

Stories included in this volume:

True Chivalry
If the Shoe Fits
Deeds Great & Small
Challenge of Quests
The Shining Knight
The Prince's Champion
The King's Challenges
Knight of the Rose
Three Questions
The Witch in the Woods
Ivan the Heartless
Blood in the Water
The Stable Boy
Three Goats
The Gardner
The Good Son
Play Me a Song
100 Words

Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Self-Published
Length Collection/ 18 short stories, 73000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-October-2016
Price FREE
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