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Winter Wonderland (Minnesota Christmas 3) by Heidi Cullinan

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 30-December-2017

Book Blurb

Finding Mr. Right can be a snow lot of fun.

Paul Jansen was the only one of his friends who wanted a relationship. Naturally, he’s the last single man standing. No gay man within a fifty-mile radius wants more than casual sex. No one, that is, except too-young, too-twinky Kyle Parks, who sends him suggestive texts and leaves X-rated snow sculptures on his front porch.

Kyle is tired of being the town’s resident Peter Pan. He’s twenty-five, not ten, and despite his effeminate appearance, he’s nothing but the boss in bed. He’s loved Paul since forever, and this Christmas, since they’re both working on the Winter Wonderland festival, he might finally get his chance for a holiday romance.

But Paul comes with baggage. His ultra-conservative family wants him paired up with a woman, not a man with Logan’s rainbow connection. When their anti-LGBT crusade spills beyond managing Paul’s love life and threatens the holiday festival, Kyle and Paul must fight for everyone’s happily ever after, including their own.

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing, 2015.

Book Review

“He was a freak in every direction. Long, narrow feet. Skinny body and long legs. Baby face. Feminine mannerisms. Nellie bottom tattooed on his forehead against his will.”

I was delighted to return to the small town of Logan, Minnesota, home of the three bears. The biggest bear, Marcus, found his forever love in Frankie, and the second bear, Arthur, found his in Gabriel. This leaves the baby bear, Paul, the only one of the bears who desperately wants to find his soulmate, but has had no luck. Until a younger man, with a creative bent has Paul re-thinking things like age difference and stereotyping twinks.

Paul may watch way too many romantic, sappy movies, and he may really want a man in his life, but something deep down inside prevents him from picking a good man. Instead, he tends to pick ones who are bad boyfriend material. Maybe it stems from his upbringing in a decidedly religious household where his parents are less than supportive of anything in Paul's life. Who knows where it comes from, but the first time he and Kyle are intimate, Paul runs screaming in the opposite direction, afraid of what Kyle made him feel.

“Because it was so perfect, so right, it scared him. The realization filled him with shame. When had he become such a mess that getting exactly what he wanted most terrified him enough he tried to send it away?”

Kyle, with the help of Corrina, Arthur's mom (you may remember her), has a lot of detective work ahead of him to figure out what makes Paul tick. There are a lot of layers to Paul, mostly built by his family, deep layers of self-doubt and insecurity. Kyle, however, comes from a very loving and accepting family that is the very center of his world. His twin sister has Down's syndrome, and Kyle adores her and knows it would be hard to live very far away as she wouldn't do well without Kyle.

I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about the negativity and bigotry spearheaded by Paul's family against the Winter Wonderland festival and the entire possibility of bringing more tourism and a wave of more business to Logan. I don't want to give it more attention than it deserves. Instead, I want to say how much I adored Paul and Kyle. I really enjoyed watching them fall in love and seeing Paul understand what the real meaning of family is. For me, that was what this whole book was about ~ the family you make, the one that accepts and loves you for who you are. Thank you, Heidi, for this reminder. It can never be emphasized enough.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 202 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-October-2017
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