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Wild Wild Hex (Hexworld 3.5) by Jordan L. Hawk

Genre Gay / Historical / Paranormal / Fantasy / 19th Century / Shifters / Magic / Wizards & Witches / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-November-2017

Book Blurb

Can a lawman witch find love with an outlaw familiar?

After weeks spent tracking down the gentleman bandit Rafael, Hexas Ranger Enoch Bright finally has the outlaw in his sights. He doesn’t expect to find out Rafael is his familiar.

When Enoch runs afoul of the murderous Bone Gang, he and Rafael strike a deal to take down the gang together. As lawman and outlaw work together, Enoch soon realizes the next thing the gentleman bandit steals will be his heart.

Book Review

“No one would have guessed that the jagged pieces of our soul fit the puzzle in this box. We were considered the left-over remnants that had no place, except the picture we wanted to create together.” ~ Shannon L. Adler

Enoch Bright has settled for a job that gives him some satisfaction. He joined the Hexas Rangers, seeking to make the Wild West a little less wild. Enoch has had a hard time finding a place for himself. Being black, Enoch doesn't expect much in the way of upper mobility. He is a good ranger who takes his job seriously. That all changes when Enoch comes face-to-face with Rafael, known as the gentleman bandit, a man who robs from the rich to give to the poor, to give the regular people a better chance.

Enoch is baffled about the strong reaction he has to the man he's supposed to be taking into custody, but when Rafael announces that Enoch is his witch, it makes him wonder. Enoch has never given much thought to finding his familiar. He doesn't see how important his familiar is so he figures when the time comes, any familiar's magic will help. When Raphael proclaims that Enoch is his witch, he doesn't believe him. How could a law man and a thief belong together? Enoch still feels an obligation to bring Raphael in.  With a taunt of “catch me if you can”, Rafael, a Harris's Hawk shifter, flies away. Enoch feels a pang of regret when he figures he will never see Rafael again.

Jordan has outdone herself with this unusual, yet entertaining tale combining a western with a paranormal adventure. The relationship between Rafael and Enoch, although brief, was understandable. Both men were outcasts through no fault of their own and lonely, so bringing them together was logical. Also, there's nothing like making friends out of enemies when confronted with a bigger threat.

If you enjoy cowboys, horses, shoot-outs, bank and stage robberies, along with some hot sex, this book may be for you. Thanks, Jordan! I imagined the action taking place in black and white, just like in the old Westerns.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 77 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-October-2017
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