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When First I Met My King (Arthur Trilogy 1) by Harper Fox at FoxTales Publications

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Warriors/Soldiers / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 27-December-2017

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Once upon a time, there was a winter that wouldn’t end. And all that’s standing between the people of White Meadows and starvation is a young man called Lance.

He’s sixteen years old, and for all his courage and hunting skills, he’s running out of fight. His family has been wiped out in a border raid, and he’s drowning in loneliness. When strangers arrive at White Meadows, all Lance can think of is using his last strength to drive them away.

But these men have come in peace, not to burn and destroy. Among them is a hot-headed, utterly charming prince-in-training named Arthur.

For Lance, Arthur’s arrival is like the return of the sun. The prince has everything – learning, battle skills, a splendid destiny. But as the days unfold in the remote northern settlement in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, it soon becomes clear that Arthur needs Lance, too.

Book Review

“Lately all my thoughts have gone to you...Sometimes I feel just a word away, you'll say: “Oh how I miss you too”... Only your eyes could know the way that I feel and how much I need you now with me.. Is this the way it's meant to be?  Don't be afraid to put your heart on the line. I'll take you where I know you belong...Young love hold on.” ~ Air Supply

Lance, of ‘When I First Met My King’ by Harper Fox, is dangerously near the point of giving up until he meets Arthur (Art). From that point on, the world shifts on its axis. The entire prospect of Lance's life path is no longer as clear cut as it was before, but he knows that, if he can possibly help it, Art will be a part of it.

Lance impresses Art from their initial meeting with his strength, skill, and determination in what is clearly a brave, although foolhardy, attempt to protect his land and the people under his care. Lance challenges one of Art's men and comes close to defeating him. When Lance realizes that the men have come in peace and that he shall be entertaining a prince, he introduces himself as Lance, son of Ban, the local chieftain of Vindolanda. The men understand that, even though it is a very small kingdom, Lance is no less of a prince than Arthur and begin to treat him accordingly. There's little to offer the men, but Lance extends the courtesy of inviting them to winter over in his small domain. Actually, this is enormously beneficial to the local people since Art's entourage is able to provide them with protection and provisions.  

As time goes by, Lance and Art enjoy each other's company. Art tells Lance about how he has arrived at the point in his life that he is now on and how he is destined to become, not just king of one kingdom, but reunite many under one leadership. The longer the young men are together, the stronger their admiration and affection grows. Lance is naive about sexual matters and is wrestling with unfamiliar and disturbing feelings, but Art is no novice in the game of passion. He's had many encounters with several men and women. Art gently, but firmly, begins Lance's journey into physical love. Relatively safe for the time being, they enjoy each other’s bodies, but in the back of their minds, they know that this bliss will soon come to an end. Lance's mind is in turmoil, torn between his love for Art and his responsibility to his people. He has almost made his decision when fate intervenes and he breaks his leg. There's no way he can go with Art in his condition so he must stay behind, with the promise of keeping in touch and reuniting at some time in the future. Hopeful, but not at all secure in their ability to do so, Lance, once again, falls into the despondency of being alone.

Harper has done a marvelous job of weaving elements from the plethora of Arthurian legends into the story, while keeping them recognizable at the same time. The romance involving two men is intriguing and refreshing; I can't wait to see how Harper handles future situations, i.e., Guinevere’s introduction into the plot, but I have faith that Harper will find a provocative way to achieve it.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 138 pages
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Publication Date 30-September-2017
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