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The Rainbow Connection - Volume 1 by BJ Sheppard

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 21-December-2014

Book Blurb

One man, his lover, his boss, and all the balls you can juggle. Liam Adams was not prepared for any of this. But when life is coming at you from every direction, the connections are what count the most.

Living a care-free party life-style, junior journalist and gay lifestyle reporter, Liam Adams thought he had it all; the money, the job, the endless supply of men in his bed. But when his work causes him to question the very foundation of the life he has built for himself, Liam finds certain areas are glaringly lacking. All it takes is one assignment to unravel the very fabric of his promiscuous antics, compounded by the arrival of a long-forgotten tryst. With the rusty screech of the mailroom guy’s trolley wheels, Liam lands head-first in the arms of something bigger; something more.

As the romance burgeons between Liam and the Mail-Manny of his dreams, each article he writes proves to uncover something new and never realized about himself, namely that all the one-night-stands in the world could never give him what he truly wants; love. In a slapstick commentary through the eyes of the world’s most hypersensitive journalist, watch as Liam’s story unfolds in the most ridiculous of fashions, leading him straight into the arms of love, via The Rainbow Connection.


Book Review

'The Rainbow Connection - Vol 1' by BJ Sheppard is, I'm embarrassed to admit, the first book by this incredibly talented young man that I've had the pleasure of reading. It had been recommended so many times, it was inevitable I was going to read it. I'm only sorry it took me so long. This author's voice is one of confidence, and humor, with a cheeky wit. To say the least, I was in love.

Liam, at twenty-eight, has lived his life as one never-ending party, filled with alcohol, and one-night stands. He's never been in love, and no one has ever been in love with him. The entire concept is foreign to him. When his editor assigns him an article for their monthly gay magazine Rainbow Connection, Liam comes up with the idea of writing about why so many women, and middle-aged ones at that, read gay, male on male romance books. Unfortunately, Liam realizes that he wants that kind of romance, and how come he hasn't had it? Bad questions to ponder on a good day. Even worse with a hangover.

Liam and Mail Manny, who've had two trysts on the top of Liam's desk, agree they're both interested in finding the same thing, and venture into this strange world together. Meanwhile Liam's editor, Lourdes, who seems to be one step away from severe alcoholism, if not already drowning in it, decides to make the monthly magazine Liam's main focus. Now he just has to keep coming up with topics that he can write about before his deadline is up. If only the topics he thinks he can write about—salacious lives of gay hookups and other sordid affairs—is what his libido, his mind, and, ultimately his heart, want to write. Liam is just lucky enough to find himself and what he really wants, through the course of his "research", so to speak.

Hands down, this is one of the funniest books I've ever read, and one of the best character studies. Assuming, that is, you like your character to be sarcastic, and having the most bizarre things happen to him that would never happen to a normal person. Example - Manny surprises Liam by showing up at Liam's place with his mother, who then finds Liam's box of D/s supplies. Awkward doesn't begin to cover that. When Lourdes gets sent to mandatory rehab (read the book for that hilarious piece), the CEO's son, Rory, an old and bitter rival of Liam's, becomes his boss for the month, and, well…let me just say that was, and wasn't, one of Liam's better moments.

An absolutely fantastic book that is over the top, with humor, sex, and human foibles. Excellent work, BJ. I look forward to more.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 54000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-July-2014
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