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The Perfect Stranger by BJ Sheppard

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 13-April-2015

Book Blurb

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Cal finds himself stranded in a local bar, nothing but the chatty barman and the merriment of others to keep him company. As the door to the bar opens, blown in by a gust of winter breeze, Cal finds himself locked onto the handsome man who enters. With the Christmas cheer surrounding them, Cal lets his walls down enough to give into the lure of the perfect stranger.


Book Review

There are times in our lives when we struggle through our daily routines, that make us feel as if we are standing still, not accomplishing anything of worth. Cal, in 'The Perfect Stranger' by BJ Sheppard, contemplates the meaning of his own life while he sits in a bar on Christmas Eve. Cal left home on a snowy night after a fight with his partner, Egan. He feels stuck; same job, same house, same man for five years now. It's hard not to become bored and to take things and people for granted and become complacent. What Cal needs is something to shake his life up a bit, to do something new and different. Hopefully, this will remind him that the good things in life go along with the not so good and, without both, life isn't worth living.

While Cal is watching everyone hustle and bustle, he thinks about how angry Egan and his parents will be when he misses their Christmas celebration, but decides the holiday will happen whether he is there or not. When a stranger (Martyn) comes into the bar, Cal notices him right away. There's an inexplicable connection between them which Cal can't deny. When Martyn comes over to him, Cal is having an internal battle, but being with Martyn seems to be the solution to his problem of loneliness and isolation. When fate lands them in the same room, Cal knows the decision has been made between what he should do and what he is going to do. What ensues is the hottest sex both of them have had in a long time. The morning after Cal and Martyn are both in a contemplative mood; but they have the same opinion of what happened the night before.

This story kept me guessing all the way through with its hints and clues, as it winds its way to a completely satisfying conclusion. JB gets his point across in lovely lyrical writing, powerful descriptions such as: “I had no time to think, only feel, as my body absorbed the heat roiling off of him like steam...” If you like to read stories full of emotion, passion, contemplation, and a renewed sense of purpose, you may enjoy this book. Thanks, JB, for an intriguing, sensual read.





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