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The Mistletoe Problem by Geneva Vand

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Ro on 07-December-2020

Book Blurb

Noah's winter holiday seasons tend to be busy but uneventful. Most of his time is spent running his mildly magical gift shop and trying not to obsess over Robin, his much too appealing seasonal employee. When Robin bursts into the back room of the shop to tell him that something is wrong with the mistletoe, Noah realizes this year is going to be a bit more interesting. But it's fine. All he has to do is retrieve all the spelled mistletoe before it causes kiss-filled chaos all over town while keeping his hands—and lips—off Robin. Simple, right? No problem at all.


Book Review

This is a short novella surrounding the magical shop, Charming, its owner, Noah, and his seasonal employee, Robin. Noah owns Charming and has loved it since he was a kid, “…trailing after my mom and looking at all the neat things on the shelves.” It also happens to be how he figured out that he has magical powers, when he saw a piece of fluorite in the window was glowing. “That’s how I found out we were witches and that we had magic. But magic wasn’t some big, powerful, showy force. It was gentle and subtle most of the time.” I loved that.


Noah has been attracted to Robin since they began working together but refuses to acknowledge it. He considers any type of attraction inappropriate, as he is Robin’s boss. When they receive a cursed shipment of mistletoe, things get pushed to the forefront. The mistletoe makes people, well, make out! While Robin tracks down everyone they sold it to and they make plans to collect it all, they accidentally fall victim to the mistletoe themselves and share a kiss. Robin is all about it, Noah is mortified. “It was not okay. t was hideously unprofessional and I should have been far more careful.” Despite Robin’s best efforts, Noah can’t get past it and starts acting weird – hiding out in his office and avoiding Robin.


And he keeps apologizing. “Look, I’m sorry about the kiss, alright?” He looked at me like I was especially stupid.” Hate to say it, Noah, but you are really testing his last nerve. They don’t see each other outside the holiday season so at times it was difficult to see why Noah was so adamant that they ignore the attraction.


They have to make pick-ups of the mistletoe and this throws them together even more. Robin is really trying to explain to Noah the mistletoe didn’t make them be attracted, it just sort of softened inhibitions. Robin has also had enough of Noah’s denials and apologies. “And for the love of God can we agree that the first one was totally mutual before I have to kill you in your sleep?” I really liked Robin.


Noah does eventually remove his head from his butt and listen to what Robin is trying to tell him. The mistletoe problem itself isn’t a horrible one and is pretty easily solved. The story was cute and holiday, a nice chaser for a longer story.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 55 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-December-2020
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