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The Dragon's Tale (Arthur Trilogy 2) by Harper Fox at FoxTales Publications

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Warriors/Soldiers / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 04-January-2018

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Lance has finally gained his freedom to join his beloved king. It’s the depth of a northern winter, but his heart and his blood are warm with joy as he sets off to the fort of Din Guardi on the coast, where Arthur is locked in negotiation with the ancient powers of the realm – warlords who could help him defend the whole country against the Saxon invaders, if only he can unite them.

But Lance knows such unity may not be possible – or even for the ultimate good of the kingdom. And although his delight at being with Art is boundless, there are other, darker forces at work in the wild dune lands. A deep and delicate balance has been disturbed, and the fort is under siege by a creature out of legend, a monster that ravages villages and leaves a trail of bodies and burned fields in its wake.

The darkest nights of winter are approaching. Arthur, with unendurable weights to bear on shoulders too young for them, only has Lance to befriend him and shield him from the bitterness of battlefield experience and loss. As their bond grows, Lance must find a way to heal the breach between the old world and the new before it devours the man he loves.

Book Review

“Nay—but thou errest, Lancelot: never yet could all of true and noble in knight and man twine round one sin, whatever it might be...’” - The Holy Grail by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Arthur, of 'The Dragon's Tale' by Harper Fox, has been badly wounded and his chances of recovery are slim. Arthur has been calling for Lance for weeks, so, almost out of desperation, Lance is summoned to his side.

Although eager to see Arthur again, Lance has no delusions that their relationship will be anything close to the one they had three years ago. Even as far as Lance's remote village, word has spread about Arthur's progress, the battles he has won, and the respect he's earned not only for the battles but also as a fair and wise leader. Even before Lance arrives, it's clear to him that Arthur has far too much responsibility on his shoulders, especially for a man so young; but Lance is still eager to see him and hopes that Arthur can find at least some time for him. Lance is wondering how much Arthur has changed in the time they have been apart. All this responsibility has to have changed him. Lance decides to face that hurdle when he gets there.

When Lance arrives at Din Guardi, he's immediately recognized. It seems Arthur has talked about Lance and how wonderful he is to the point that almost everyone in court is sick of hearing it. They know if Arthur holds him in such high regard, he must truly be a “rock star”. Lance is escorted into the chamber where Arthur is in a heated discussion with the surrounding war lords, attempting to press upon them the wisdom of uniting their forces to drive out their common enemy, but there's a great deal of contention. These men have been battling for a very long time and feuds are not easily cast aside, even if it's for the best for everyone involved. Lance and Arthur used to talk about his dream at length; Lance knows how important Arthur's Utopian plan is to him, but Lance is more realistic about the outcome. Nevertheless, Lance decides that he will be at Arthur's side to fight, care, comfort, and love Arthur for as long as he will have him.

The story of Arthur and Lance is a familiar one yet, rather than an ancient tale, Harper finds a way to make it more comprehensible and intense, with the lovers in center stage, ever-present, regardless as to what else may be swirling around them. I've always loved the Arthurian story, but am hoping that Harper's version will have a happier ending. Thanks, Harper, for all the drama, intensity, and angst. I'm looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here.





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