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The Captain and the Cricketer (Captivating Captains 2) by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 17-July-2018

Book Blurb

Henry Fitzwalter is a solid sort of chap. A respectable rural vet and no stranger to tweed, he is the lonely inhabitant of crumbling Longley Parva Manor.


Captain George Standish-Brookes is everyone’s favorite shirtless TV historian. Heroic, handsome and well-traveled, he is coming home to the village where he grew up.


Henry and George’s teenage friendship was shattered by the theft of a cup, the prize in a hard-fought, very British game of cricket. When they resolve their differences thanks to an abandoned foal, it’s only a matter of time before idyllic Longley Parva witnesses one of its wildest romances, between a most unlikely couple of fellows.


Yet with a golf-loving American billionaire and a money-hungry banker threatening this terribly traditional little corner of Sussex, there’s more than love at stake. A comedy of cricket, coupling and criminality, with a splash of scandal!


Book Review

“A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a madman.” ~  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg

Henry Fitzwalter and George Standish-Brookes were the best of friends when they were young, agreeing on almost everything and fitting together as closely as two guys could. Unfortunately, that was shattered by a terrible misunderstanding. In fact, it was so painful that they spent years not speaking to each other, although they both missed the other dearly. Fifteen years later, the men have a chance to rekindle their friendship and to make it even deeper than before.

Henry is about as British as one can be, with his traditional way of dressing, mannerisms, customs, and speech. He's happy in his hometown of Longley Parva where he is the local veterinarian. When 'Captain' George, his former friend from whom he is alienated, comes into town, he disrupts Henry's and the town's peace and quiet with his outrageous, flamboyant manner, reminding Henry of all the reasons he dislikes the man; never mind that Henry has missed him every day since George has been gone. Henry resents it when George comes in and takes over at the local fair where Henry is judging contests. Also Henry resents the townspeople for praising George and practically forgetting Henry is there. Since George is used to all the attention, he doesn't seem to notice that Henry is being pushed out. However, it galls Henry that George can just come back after so many years and his adoring fans simply welcome him with open arms, just because he is now a famous movie star.

George is overjoyed to see Henry again and hopes to mend the rift between them and, at least, become friends again. Henry doesn't want George to know he has missed him and has followed his television career, as ostentatious as it may be, by buying all of his videos, books, and watching his shows religiously. George has missed Henry and has desperately wanted to contact him; but the last time George saw Henry, Henry tried to bean him with a cricket bat because he thought George had stolen a trophy that Henry had won and George didn't want him to have it! Henry has had many years to contemplate his actions and now can admit, at least to himself, that his behavior was completely out of line. George is very patient with Henry, even when he's unreasonable, giving him time to sort things out. Finally, they realize that they are both gay. Still, Henry can't believe that George could be interested in him romantically, but he's not willing to give up the opportunity to be with him.

As much as I enjoyed this story, had I been British, I would have loved it even more, because everyone in the story is very British and I am sure some of it went over my head. I know absolutely nothing about cricket so the terms used for “batter” and “pitcher” had me imagining the “bowler” throwing a bowling ball at the “batter” who then tried to hit it with a hockey stick. I adored George and Henry with all their quirks and, of course, their affinity for animals, which can be wonderful bridges for smoothing out differences and to bringing people together. Thank you, Catherine and Eleanor, for a delightful story with even more pleasing characters.





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Publication Date 17-July-2018
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