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Start Something New by J. Rocci at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 29-September-2013

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Sergeant First Class Matt Ridley adopts a new puppy and joins his HOA Board thinking it will get him out of the house more; otherwise the alternative is his well-meaning brother signing him up for online dating sites. Through HOA business, Ridley meets Brett Isaacs, a civilian Army security guard at the base where he works, who also shares his destructive dog woes. A yard planning session with beer and pizza turns into a profession of mutual attraction and a very satisfying ending as they agree to embark on something new.



NOTE: All proceeds for the sale of this book will go to the OutServe charity organization, whose mission it is to assist those affected by "don't ask, don't tell, don't pursue."



Book Review

Wanting to put down some roots and settle in now that he's left the military, Matt Ridley, in 'Start Something New' by J. Rocci, buys a townhouse, joins his neighborhood HOA, and gets a puppy. When he comes home one day, hoping for some quiet relaxation, he, instead, finds that his puppy needed to go potty and couldn't wait. With major difficulties, he cleans up the mess and takes the dog for a walk, during which he meets the president of the HOA. She queries him about the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) applications, which he is following up on. Then she basically orders him to attend the neighborhood party that weekend, as is informally dictated by his committee position.

Continuing their walk, Ridley decides to check with one of the ARC applicants, Brett Isaacs. His first impression of Brett isn't great, but as he gets to know him, and Brett's dog, Ricochet, he changes his mind and invites Brett to the block party, hoping he will come but not really expecting him to. He's delighted when Brett and Ricochet are there and settle down beside him. They end up discovering that they have a lot in common, i.e., dogs, military service, and sexual preferences. When Ridley comes over a few days to help Brett with fixing up his side yard, they realize just how much on the same page they are.

This a short, delightfully endearing story made even more special by the humor and wit of the characters. I especially enjoyed the banter between the guys about where the gnomes were to be placed. I was quickly enamored by both characters, finding them down-to-earth and genuine; besides, who can resist a story with dogs in it? I recommend this story to anyone wanting a quick read, with great characters, dogs, and the belief that there is someone for everyone. Thanks, Jay, I thoroughly enjoyed it.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 24 pages/6300 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-September-2013
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