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Soul Searching by AJ Rose at The Grim Writer Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 11-December-2017

Book Blurb

Something lurks within the walls of the house Trevor Mathews and his best friend Merrick Taylor share. It watches them and their friends. It needs them. It knows their weaknesses.

Trevor’s in love with Merrick and hasn’t got the nerve to tell him. Merrick’s relationship is already failing, but he doesn’t believe he deserves what he truly desires. And the dark presence enjoys their suffering.

The entity wants to exploit them, push Merrick’s boyfriend into fits of jealousy and possessiveness, encourage Trevor to avoid the man he’s stood by most of his life, and frustrate their friend Tempest who’s tired of knowing Trevor and Merrick are perfectly matched souls, but they’re too scared to try.

The entity needs them to fight, to hurt, to scream at each other in anger and pain. It thrives on their helplessness and targets their insecurities. And it won’t stop until it has devoured their joy, destroyed their hope, and eventually, shattered their souls.

Book Review

“That deep longing that you keep dismissing as impractical, may be the very thing your soul is calling you to do.” ~  Renae A. Sauter  

Trevor has been in love with his best friend, Merrick, for a long time, but he's afraid he will lose his friendship if he tells him and Merrick doesn't return his affections. Merrick seems oblivious to the depth of Trevor's feelings. They've recently moved into an apartment together that's close to Trevor's university and not too far from Merrick's job. All is well for a while, but strange things begin to happen that can't be explained: thumping noises, objects moved from one place to another, etc. As things escalate, so do the animosity between Merrick, his boyfriend, Will, and Trevor. The more intense the negative feelings become, the worse the poltergeist-type activity gets. Something has to be done before a tragedy occurs.

Merrick and Trevor's friend, Tempest, dabbles in the occult and is convinced that there's paranormal activity in their house. She drags Trevor to a psychic who explains that they have not one, but two entities in the house; a harmless old lady ghost who actually enjoys sharing the place with the guys and a wraith, a creature once human, but now filled with so much hate that he wants to destroy the world and everything in it. The psychic tells them that the wraith feeds on strong, negative emotions and is weakened by positive, loving ones.  She suggests cleansing the house to force the entity to leave. Trevor is more than skeptical. This gives Tempest, who knows how Trevor feels, a huge opening to try to convince Trevor to confess his feelings to Merrick, but Trevor stubbornly refuses to do so.

Trevor, Merrick, Tempest, and Dave, her boyfriend, attempt an exorcism while their resident ghost tries to do her best to protect them. Once the circle is drawn, candles lit, and invocations for protection stated, they decide to try to communicate with the entity. Instead of banishing it, their efforts infuriate it and things begin to go very wrong. Their circle of protection is broken, making them completely vulnerable to the murderous wraith. Their fear only feeds his strength, making him even more deadly. It's obvious by now that he doesn't want to just drive them out of the apartment, but he wants each and every one of them dead.

Wow! This is one deliciously scary story; a psychological thriller with the friends-to-lovers part playing an important role, but, nonetheless, a back seat to the story's main events. It was a lot more frightening than I expected. At certain points, the pure evil of the wraith and its determination to destroy Trevor and his friends was so terrifying that I seriously feared for their lives. Thinking about it still gives me the shivers. If scary stories are your thing, then you may like this one. Thank you, AJ, for the intense paranormal experience and the happy, instead of tragic, ending.  





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 235 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-October-2017
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