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Silver Fox (A Bridge to Abingdon 4) by Tatum West

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 23-April-2019

Book Blurb

I left for Cali the night of my graduation with nothing but a pink boa, a pair of strappy gold heels, and my silver eyeshadow from Sally Beauty Supply. I sang for pennies on Hollywood Boulevard in my broke and desperate days. Now at twenty-six, I’ve got more Grammys than Madonna and a growing empire. Fame was everything I expected and nothing that I ever wanted. At the end of the day I’m on my own, with an overbearing manager and security team as my only friends. I made this life, and now I live in it alone.

When a stalker starts following me, and the paparazzi ambush me outside of a nightclub, I’m at my breaking point. That’s when Fox Lee appears—out of nowhere—tall and gorgeous with salt-and-pepper hair and a wicked smile that shakes me to my core. He takes my hand and sweeps me away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. He even keeps me safe when the stalker shows up at my house the next day.
I’d wrap myself up in Fox Lee and never come up for air.

But he doesn’t want me. He just wants to be my lawyer.

Nikki Rippon is the most fascinating man I’ve met in years, and I count Robert De Niro as a close friend. I’d like to save Nikki—and savor his cherry pink lips. But I need to keep things cool and professional, even if he’s the smartest, funniest, and sexiest man in my contacts list. He’s at least a decade too young for me, and he needs legal representation against the hellions taking advantage of him—not a boyfriend. 

When he invites me up to his place, I almost cave. Every minute I spend with him, I fall deeper and deeper. He can make a Lakers jersey look like couture or rock a Prada polo with Jimmy Choo heels. He’s infinitely loyal, utterly hilarious, and more talented than any other musician who’s walked through my doors.

Ever since my parents kicked me out at seventeen for being a little too queer, I haven't let anyone in. I don’t do relationships, especially not with glam pop stars with a closet full of Gucci. But Nikki’s wearing me down, bit by bit. He’s staying at my place, taking us on dates I never expected. And we even manage to escape to my beach home on the East Coast without a single fan noticing—almost.

Just when things seem perfect, the ghosts of Nikki’s past start to close in on us, threatening the life we’re creating together. It turns out that when you’re spending your nights with the world’s biggest pop star, people can get a little ...jealous. 

I’d convinced myself Nikki needed a knight in shining armor. But when I find myself trapped in the trunk of a moving car, my hands tied and my mouth gagged, it all becomes crystal clear: Nikki is the savior I always needed. And the only man I’ve ever loved.


Book Review

“Don’t just love a person for the image, idea or concept of them, but love them for every fantastically weird and twisted details that makes them up.” ~ Lauren Klarfeld

When Nikki Rippon left Abingdon, Virginia, he was determined to prove to all of those small-minded people who assumed that the “weird gay kid” would never amount to anything that they were wrong. And Nikki did it in a spectacular way. But even with all Nikki’s success, he is tired of the backstabbing, frantic way of life he is caught up in. He knows his life is off kilter, but it takes a handsome, mature lawyer to show just how much.

During an attempt to obtain a client for his business, Fox Lee ends up at a wild night club where he meets charismatic pop star, Nikki Rippon. Nikki’s entrance with his entourage should have been accompanied with heavenly music. Fox has never seen anyone like him and is completely enthralled. While at the club, Fox’s client gets in trouble and Fox intervenes and has her taken home. In the meantime, Nikki’s bodyguards abandon him in search of their own hedonism and he is left to his own devices, leaving him at the mercy of the paparazzi. When one of them tries to kidnap Nikki, Fox steps in, rescues him, and takes him home. Even though he wants to, Fox doesn’t come inside, but he gives Nikki his business card and tells him to call if he can help. Fox advises, Nikki to get a new security team and a lawyer, even if it isn’t him.

Nikki thinks hard on what Fox has told him, but when a stalker writes an ominous note on Nikki’s bedroom mirror while he’s sleeping, Nikki is terrified and decides he can’t wait another minute. Fox is pleasantly surprised that Nikki has called him this soon, but is dismayed when he hears why. Fox flies into action, immediately getting Nikki a new security team and advising him to change his locks. Also, Fox contacts other people who will help him get his financial affairs back in line. He intends to prove that his manager and all his cronies are cheating him out of tons of money and certainly don’t have Nikki’s best interest at heart. In doing this, Fox knows that things are going to get a lot worse for Nikki before they get better.

This is my favorite book of the ‘Bridge to Abingdon’ series. I’ve always loved Nikki for his spunk and strength, as well as his amazing ability to be true to himself, regardless of what anyone else thinks and he is the best friend a person could ever have. Fox is perfect for Nikki. Someone his own age may not have had the depth that Fox brings to their relationship. Fox and Nikki find a balance that makes their relationship amazing, inspiring to everyone around them. Thanks, Tatum, for this brilliant series.





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