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Silent Knight/Sleepless Knight by Gale Stanley at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 01-January-2018

Book Blurb

Silent Knight: Paul Stanton thought he had it all -- until his lover dumped him for another man, forcing Paul to rethink his life. But when a trip home for the holidays goes predictably wrong, Paul ends up stranded in the woods. There's more to Andy Reynolds than meets the eye. But is a chance encounter enough to bind two men who have nothing in common except their sex?


Sleepless Knight: When the two-year itch infects their relationship, Andy arranges a much needed vacation. Andy will do anything to make Paul happy, even if it means bringing another man into their bed. But is a threesome really the answer? Or will it drive them further apart?



First Edition of each novella was published by Silver Publishing.


Book Review

When two strangers meet who don’t expect to get along, seemingly have nothing in common, and don’t think they will ever see each other again, the romance that sometimes follows can be more emotional and fulfilling than in cases where immediate attraction has them falling into bed within minutes. The two novellas in this collection describe a couple in this situation, and I adored their struggles from the initial meeting all the way through their various difficulties and stumbling blocks to the very happy ending.

Silent Knight
The beginning of Paul and Andy’s story is one of my favorite plot devices: a man is stranded in the snow and depends on the help of a total stranger to survive. What happens as they struggle with their differences, deal with a hostile environment, and discover they have feelings for each other varies from story to story, but I love discovering what obstacles an author comes up with to make things interesting.

Paul is in this situation: he is a successful lawyer trying to forget a recent breakup, is headed away from his homophobic family after a pre-Christmas fight, and ends up being rescued by a “mountain man” in the middle of nowhere. Paul has no idea what to expect, but since he does not exactly approach the situation with an open mind, he is in for a few surprises.

Andy loves his solitude, but he isn’t about to leave a stranger out in the cold – even if he looks like a city slicker, wears expensive clothes, and is not likely to get along with Andy at all. Andy is as surprised as the next guy when he ends up not just attracted to Paul, but actually liking him. It puts him in a difficult situation – how much of his preferred way of living can he – and will he – give up to have a relationship with Paul?

If you like opposites-to-lovers stories, if a frozen winter landscape sounds like a good backdrop for a passionate romance, and if you’re looking for a read where both men have to give a little to make things work, then you will probably like this novella.

Sleepless Knight
As stupid as it sounds, but when two people really love each other and perceive some sort of threat to their relationship, they are sometimes ready to do really idiotic things to try to make sure their partner stays with them. This is the situation Andy and Paul face two years after they decide to give being a couple a go – and in the continuation of their story they face almost as many obstacles as when they first got together.

Andy has no idea what is wrong, what has made Paul retreat and avoid him. Paul doesn’t know what is wrong with him – but he has been working too hard and blames being tired. Um. No. Andy doesn’t believe the excuse either and decides they need a vacation. It turns out to be exactly what they need, but it’s what happens on their return trip, when they pick up a barely legal, cute kid in trouble, that almost kill their relationship.

If you want to see how Andy and Paul are doing now that they have been together for a while, if you’re curious about the effect a third man can have on an existing relationship, and if you’re looking for a read that is as hot as it is emotional, then you will probably like this short novella. It’s not what I expected as a sequel, but reading it was definitely interesting.





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