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Scrap Metal by Harper Fox at FoxTales

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 27-November-2017

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Nichol Seacliff is facing his darkest hour. He’s sole remaining heir to a failing sheep farm on the Isle of Arran, and about as lonely as any young man could be. His only companions are his grumpy grandfather Harry, and three sheepdogs who won’t answer to his whistle.

He’s thinking about throwing the whole business in when, one bitter, stormy night, a stranger breaks into his barn. Nichol, at the end of his rope, is inclined to deal with new trouble with a shotgun, but soon realises this intruder means no harm. He’s a lost lad by the name of Cameron, on the run from a dodgy and dangerous Glasgow past.

As the island winter melts into glorious summer, Cameron finds a place not only on the farm but in Nichol’s heart. Even Harry can’t hold out against his charm. But Cam can’t escape his shadows, and the dreadful secret he’s concealing has the power of a hungry tide, ready to wash all his newfound happiness with Nichol away.

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing, 2012.

Book Review

Is there any wonder why we can\'t understand other people when most of us can't even understand ourselves? Nichol Seacliff, of 'Scrap Metal' by Harper Fox can't understand why, try as he may, he can't gain his grandfather, Harry's, respect. Nichol and Harry butt heads over just about everything, not so much because they are that different, but because they think so much alike; but neither of them will admit it. When Cameron, an outsider, comes into their lives, he brings a different perspective which helps Nichol and his grandfather see things as they truly are.

Even though Nichol willingly, if not cheerfully, gives up his dreams to help his grandfather, Harry, he has big shoes to fill. His older, now deceased brother, seemingly could do no wrong. He handled the sheep farm with efficiency and pizzazz and this belief leaves Nichol feeling gravely inferior; it's quite difficult to compete with a ghost. To make things worse, Harry completely avoids the subject of the death of his eldest grandson and daughter, leaving Nichol feeling lonely and isolated, unable to deal with his own grief. Valiantly, Nichol trudges on, even though he's totally discouraged and feeling completely inadequate, doing the best he can. He desperately needs encouragement.

Cameron's life feels as futile as Nichol's. He, too, is forced to give up his dreams and becomes swallowed up by the business of trying to survive; unfortunately he gets mixed up with criminals, whose behavior severely challenges his moral compass and he runs from the negative, violent influences in his life. When he ends up on Nichol's farm, he's as unprepared to deal with Nichol's attitude toward him much as Nichol is in dealing with Cam's. But there's more than meets the eye between these two wonderful men and more love in their hearts than either of them dreamed they'd have an opportunity to express. Cam and Nichol blend together body and soul, healing themselves and each other with an unconditional and enduring love in a world that would rather tear them apart.

Needless to say, this story touched me deeply. I felt Cam and Nichol's desolation in winter; I experienced their enthusiasm and renewal of faith with the coming of spring; I reveled with them in the summer of their love which brought the warmth of commitment and the formation of an unshakable bond and feeling confident that together, they can do almost anything. 'Scrap Metal' is a marvelous story of inspiration, hope, and redemption. I highly recommend it to anyone desiring to read something written in the incredible, poetic way which only Harper Fox can deliver, something that they can sink their teeth into and come away feeling fullfilled. Harper, thank you immensely for sharing this fabulous story with us.



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Length Novel, 296 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-August-2017
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