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Right Place, Right Time (Pilsdale Chronicles 1) by H.L Day

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Age Gap / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 07-September-2023

Book Blurb

Sometimes the path to true love twists so much that you end up right back where you started.

Ben Sutcliffe’s teenage crush on his best friend’s dad burned hotter than a forest fire. Jasper Bennet was sexy, kind, and caring—the perfect man. He was also straight and off-limits. The wrong man at the wrong time. So when tragedy sent Ben running for the hills, he never looked back… until now.

The sleepy village of Pilsdale is exactly how Ben remembers it, and so is Jasper. Only this time, there’s a glint in Jasper’s eye that says Ben might not have known everything about him.

The key to overcoming Ben’s past can be found in Jasper’s arms. But he can’t stay. He has a whole life waiting for him outside Pilsdale. But the longer he stays, the more he thinks it’s finally the right time to be with the right man.


Book Review

Twenty-five-year-old Ben Sutcliffe, a London resident, has not been back to his rural home town of Pilsdale in four years, since his parents died in a car crash. He even avoided returning a year ago for his dear aunt’s funeral. But now he’s taken two months’ leave from his work as a masseuse Note: While masseuse would seem the feminine designation for that practitioner, current usage seems to often adopt it as a neutral usage, rather than the masculine masseur. It’s Ben’s time to clean out and put up for sale the house his aunt left him a year ago. Ben seems to be sorting himself out after his long absence from Pilsdale, evidenced by his indecision upon arriving whether to first visit the cemetery or the inherited house. And Ben is also distraught by his roommate/boyfriend, Evan, who just tearfully apologized for sleeping with Evan’s best friend, Anthony. [Evan: “I don’t want to be with Anthony.” … Ben: “Well, obviously you did. Your dick didn’t accidentally fall into him.”] Oh, and Ben also has a concern that his secret attraction toward the father of his best friend, Finn, will reignite.


The simple people and pastoral-framed locale make the main characters stand out for their individuality, and their issues seem somewhat low-key as their relationships develop. Overall, the novel almost qualifies as a mood piece, a family tale rather than a gay adventure. The secondary parties are interesting and quite diverting.


Ben visits the farm home of his now absent friend, Finn, who seems to be traveling randomly in the world. That farm is now an animal sanctuary operated by Finn’s father, Jasper. At the sight of Jasper, Ben realizes his feelings for Jasper were more than a childhood crush, and are still going strong! Jasper, shirtless, is rugged - a masculine sex god. Tanned skin and stubble. Jeans stretched tight over muscled thighs. Firm jaw and beautifully shaped lips.


Our fairy tale is off. Ben volunteers to help with the rescue work and Jasper, a skilled electrician, will help Ben get the inherited house ready to be sold. The story proceeds apace with local characters (at least one other being gay and available), Ben giving massages at Jasper’s place, a little flirting and such. Have no fear, as Ben and Jasper are destined to “get it on.” As the novel is light reading, sweet, but open with its sexual aspects – how does one differentiate between porn and plain dirty, erotic and romantic? How about when both your hands hold the book, from when one hand is busy seeking hormonal relief?


Eventually Jasper and Ben become open with each other – and then with many others There are issues to be resolved and feelings to be accepted. ‘Right Place, Right Time’ is a good read as we are witness to evolving people and beautiful personal growth.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 282 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-July-2023
Price $5.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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