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Meet Me at the Altar by Zoe Piper

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 14-February-2019

Book Blurb

Tom and Reid are getting married on Valentine’s Day. They have got the tuxes, chosen their rings, gathered family and friends, and the sun is shining. It’s the most romantic day of the year and the TV cameras are rolling, ready to catch all the drama.

Welcome to Meet Me at the Altar where our grooms will meet for the first time as they stand before the marriage celebrant to pledge their lives together for… well at least the five weeks the reality show runs for.

Join Tom and Reid as they get to know each other. Will they go the distance or will they become just another statistic?


Book Review

Everyone knows that reality shows can be really weird – but the idea of having two strangers meet at the altar to get married on national TV must surely top the list of craziness. As far as I know it is a fictional concept – but who knows what they will come up with next? Arranged weddings have always been around, so I guess there is some precedent for this sort of situation. Strangers like matchmakers choosing a partner for someone can work out… it’s just not something we are used to seeing in the Western world. This story, set in New Zealand, shows how two strangers get fake-married on TV on Valentine’s Day, the drama that follows once they come to their senses when reality sets in, and the kinds of things they find out once they get to know each other during the time of the five-week contract. Talk about doing things back-to-front!

Reid is a lawyer and doesn’t have much time for a social life. “Trying out marriage” with a guy someone selected for him is one way of finding a partner, I guess. And five weeks of living together as though they were married does offer good potential for finding out if they are compatible. It’s just very “jumping into the deep end of the pool” without knowing if you’ll be able to swim.

Tom is a freelance book editor, shy, and by far the more nervous of the two. He is having trouble finding men to date and his best friend is the one who talks him into doing this reality show thing. Tom and his family are “not close” as he puts it, so he is not used to the kind of big family with lots of loving (and gossiping and teasing) that Reid introduces him to.

While this story is fiction, the idea of having a team made up of a relationship counsellor, a psychotherapist, and a match-making expert pick partners is not a bad one. As far as Tom and Reid go it is a success – with obstacles. The pressure of sudden marriage is huge, the fact that everything will be documented by interviews and photos makes it worse, but as the author shows, that can actually work to people’s advantage. I found the whole story as amusing and entertaining as it is thought-provoking, and ended up liking it a lot more than I expected.

If you like unusual situations for couples, if you enjoy a mix of humor and psychology, and if you’re looking for a fun read with a great setup and a wonderful ending, then you will probably like this free novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 116 pages
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Publication Date 08-February-2019
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