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Love and Lint Rollers by Kaje Harper

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Mature Lovers / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 20-May-2019

Book Blurb

Even with six beloved cats at home, Thom Fletcher can't help opening his heart to a little injured stray he finds at Pride. Luckily, the generosity of the veterinarian who helps him means he doesn't have to open his wallet. Thom's budget is stretched pretty thin, between his struggling start-up and medical expenses for his Crohn's disease, so the free cat care helps a lot. Thom may have fallen for the little feline, but he's also intrigued by the attractive vet in the bi-pride bracelet.

Dean Edwards went to Pride with his colors on his wrist, hoping to find community after his divorce. Instead, he's pulled into a cat rescue by an appealing man. Dean likes Thom's kindness to strays, his blue-gray eyes, his intelligence, and his perspective from decades as an out gay man. Maybe with Thom, Dean will finally feel able to explore his long-neglected attraction to men.

They're not a perfect match. From Dean's cat-hating dog to Thom's chronic health issues and preferences in bed, going from a casual date to something more will be a challenge for both of them.

Book Review

Two middle-aged men, a lot of animals (especially cats), and the very realistic writing style of Kaje Harper had me loving this book from the get-go. One of my favorite things about this author is her willingness to go where many authors might hesitate. She writes about the true realities of life and what it means to be human with foibles. She takes topics such as Thom’s struggle with his Crohn’s disease and lays it right out there which I find refreshing and true-to-life. ‘Love and Lint Rollers’ is a wonderful read and I enjoyed it immensely.

Thom is fifty-one years old, has six cats whom he is in perpetual slavery to (as anyone with a cat will understand), is a software engineer working from home with his struggling start-up, and suffers from Crohn’s disease. I have a close family member with this disease and I can guarantee you that it is difficult, painful, and can overtake your world which is what has been happening to Thom for longer than he cares to remember. It makes dating and sex extremely tough as most people don’t want to deal with all that it entails. Thom doesn’t want to get his hopes up when he meets Dean at Pride when they both try to save a cat whose head is stuck inside a metal can.

Dean is forty-four years old, a veterinarian, recently divorced, and has never explored his bisexuality. Dean “played it straight” for his Catholic parents until it just became easier to hide that part of himself. I gave him a lot of credit though, as he did tell his wife before they married and that isn’t what caused their relationship troubles. This is his first time at Pride and meeting Thom has Dean thinking of actually dating a man, and being himself for the first time ever.

Thom and Dean begin to date but Thom always has this “knowledge” in the back of his mind that when Dean finds someone better, he’ll move along. Why shouldn’t he? Thom is his first foray into dating and intimacy and since Dean is a little younger than Thom why should he settle? Not to mention Thom is 100 percent positive that Dean will get tired of his dislike of anything to do with anal sex, and will want to find someone else to explore with. It takes learning to trust for both men to realize what they want.

A delightful romance with some fabulous four-legged secondary characters, ‘Love and Lint Rollers’ reminded me of the joy of finding love at any age and learning to let go of doubt and insecurity. Another great book from Kaje Harper!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 240 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-October-2018
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