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It Takes an Archaeologist... (Quint and Clay Art Crimes 4) by Edward Kendrick at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 05-April-2021

Book Blurb

Gideon Monahan is a man dedicated to what he does -- recovering stolen art -- to the exclusion of anything else, including a personal life. There's a reason for that, something that happened in his past that he can't forget.

Cole Newell is an archaeologist with a problem. He needs to find out who looted a dig he worked the previous summer, after one of the artifacts shows up at his gallery. Cole calls on Gideon to lend his expertise, which, much against his better judgment, Gideon does.

When one of the looters is murdered, they set out to find answers, with the help of Detective Quint Hawk. In the process, Cole realizes he's attracted to Gideon, even though he's certain the man is straight. After he helps Gideon open up about -- and accept -- his past, can the two men become more than friends? Both Gideon and Cole hope so, once they overcome the myriad problems facing them.



First edition published by Fireborn Publishing, July 2016.


Book Review

Professional dedication is a good thing, but if it comes at the detriment of a personal life, it is suddenly less attractive. Gideon, with his interest in recovering stolen art, is a fascinating character and I wanted to know his story ever since he first appeared in the previous book of this series. I wasn’t surprised to find out that he has suffered a significant loss in his past, and watching him slowly “unthaw” and dare to trust again was a very rewarding experience. Added to the crime of stolen archaeological finds and trade in illegal Native American artifacts, this fourth book in the ‘Quint and Clay Art Crimes’ series made for fascinating and entertaining reading.

Gideon is dedicated to his job, but when he starts working with archaeologist and art gallery owner Cole to figure out who stole artifacts from one of his digs, Gideon feels more for his new acquaintance than professional interest. He tries very hard to ignore these feelings, which is understandable considering his past, but he can’t fight his attraction. Also, it has been twenty years… As Gideon gets more involved in intricate plans to catch the perpetrator, he also grows closer to Cole – to the point where he has to make a decision about opening up again.

Cole is an enthusiastic archaeologist, but he also owns an art gallery that keeps him busy when he is not on a dig. Then he discovers someone stole one or more artifacts from the dig he worked on last summer, a man turns up dead, and Cole is suddenly right in the middle of more danger than he ever wanted to attract. Then there is Gideon – the man with a deep sadness in his eyes – and even though Cole thinks Gideon is straight, and keeps telling himself to stay away, he cannot resist the lure of figuring out what is going on with Gideon and maybe discovering a way to get closer.

This novella is a slow-burn romance on top of a captivating investigation of an art crime, and had my full attention. The newest story in this series is as entertaining and suspenseful as the previous installments, and the characters are just as interesting as the men I “met” before. Quint plays a prominent role, Clay appears as well, and I am very relieved to see Gideon happily settled. He and Cole are a great match!

If you like the idea of watching the process of catching an artifact thief, if you want to know more about two men who don’t dare hope happiness is in the cards for them, and if you’re looking for a read with thievery, greed, and unscrupulous criminals facing men who are on the right side of the law, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 35268 words
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Publication Date 03-April-2021
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