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Infected 6: Lesser Evils by Andrea Speed

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Private Investigator / Shifters / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 30-July-2021

Book Blurb

In a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds.

Until recently, Roan was ahead of the curve when it came to reining in the lion that lives inside him. Now his control is slipping at the worst possible times. A new drug has hit the streets—one that triggers unscheduled changes in infected users. Street hustler Holden Krause gets attacked by one of his clients, then is surprised to find himself involved in an unwanted, unexpected relationship. And a serial killer begins targeting infecteds in their cat form—something that’s 100 percent legal.

To stop the murders, Roan has to work outside the law. But his newfound thirst for violence makes him worry he might be more like the killer than he thought, and his reluctance to talk about it with his husband, Dylan, puts an extra strain on their relationship. So Roan isn’t just fighting the killer and struggling with his mutating virus… he’s trying to save himself.



First edition published by DSP Publications, October 2012.


Book Review

Okay, wow, book six is starting off on an ominous note about Roan's virus child anomalies. Seems he's becoming less human. At least in a medical sense after his in-patient stay for every medical scan and test imaginable! Of course, Roan being Roan, it takes Dylan threatening serious harm before he'll actually tell him what the doctor said. So, we're starting this book off on a bad mojo curve.

On top of the strange beginning to this book, a new mystery has cropped up with infecteds transforming quickly and then going on psychotic rampages leaving them dead. All of this plus Holden getting seriously beaten up and put in the hospital. I'll just say there's a lot going on from the very first sentence in this book. However, the hockey players are back and I really like these guys! I really hope the author continues to have them in…hint, hint, hint.

I'm still having some difficulty with warming up to Dylan. It's not that I don't like him or that I don't think he's good for Roan. I think it's more that Dylan is supposed to be or should be the calm and relaxing and rational person Roan needs to keep his humanity strong. In a way Dylan does this. But, I keep getting the impression of a bit of a milquetoast and I hate that. I'm still working on my feelings here because I think it's just me and not really the character. I also think it's partly because Paris was so larger than life…an impossible act for Dylan to have to follow.

Holden. Relationship. Two things I'm just not sure are really healthy together for so many, many reasons. I'm keeping my opinion on this to myself for a while. I'm curious to see whether this will be a horrible ten car pile-up that you just can't stop watching or miraculously become something good for both of them.

This story, watching the devastation happening around Roan, watching him constantly question his sanity, his humanity, and whether he shouldn't just end it all was heartbreaking and sad on an intensely visceral level. I literally ached for the pain he was going through. As usual, the writing was fantastic and just keeps me wanting more. The cliffhanger was expected but still came as a shock. I really love these books!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 426 pages
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Publication Date 22-May-2020
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