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In the Company of Women by Kate Christie at Bella Books

Genre Lesbian / Historical / 20th Century / Warriors/Soldiers / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 26-July-2015

Book Blurb

Fort Bliss—it’s anything but. Caroline “CJ” Jamieson gave up studying history and joined the Women’s Army Corps to live it instead. Along with her new WAC friends, she is ready to do her part to help boys like her brothers, fighting in the European and Pacific theaters, make it home sooner.

The Army, however, has derailed her plans. Instead of the California post she anticipated, west Texas cacti and an artillery training base are the unexpected sights on her new horizons. Not one to question orders, she’s not sure how her skills in airplane engine maintenance will be of use in this desolate region.

But when CJ meets fellow WAC enlistee Brady Buchanan, Fort Bliss might live up to its name.


Book Review

This book is a definite treat, but more so since I am a history buff. Now that doesn't normally include military history for me, however, this book looks at women in the WACS and WAVES during the middle of World War 2, providing an up-front and personal sense of the life female military and supporting nonmilitary women lived through. I was thoroughly engaged by the extraordinary layers and levels that are presented. Splendidly eye-opening!

CJ, Caroline Jamieson, really captures my fancy. She postponed her graduate school work in history at the University of North Carolina to support the war effort by enlisting in the WACS. Right off the bat I realized she is unarguably exceptional and unusual for this time. She has two older brothers active in completely different war zones. She was raised on a farm in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and loved getting her hands dirty. Another characteristic that separates her from three quarters of the female population. Additionally, she is trained and assigned to work on airplane engines. Aw right! Most of the story is seen through her eyes and her evolution is impressively unraveled. I, along with her, went through all the changes, trials and tribulations, plus some scintillatingly intense personal growth. A tall and slender woman with a tremendous heart and the stuff that heroes, legends, and pioneers are made of. I loved CJ. Fantastically entrancing!

Brady Buchanan is an intellectually insightful and perceptively curious journalist stationed on the same base as CJ. However, she unpretentiously presents herself to all the good folks at Fort Bliss as a stunningly beautiful, charismatic woman, and extremely proficient writer. She is pursued by both men and women, but she pursues CJ. She hales from southern California and a rather wealthy family. She has brothers, too. Having graduated from Smith College, one of the elite seven sister colleges, she nevertheless seamlessly blends, mixes, and downplays her clearly intellectual expertise. Frankly, Brady is a force unto herself...a jewel, amazingly adept, feeling, and focused WAC. She easily charms everyone she meets without guile or intention. It feels as if she and CJ are somehow destined to be with each other. That is a very engrossing and uncommon story in and of itself. Mesmerizing and romantic!

The depth and breadth I found within this book completely boggled my mind without confusing me. I tip my hat to the author for this resplendent book which I totally recommend. It opened my eyes with an in-depth presentation of this historical period and enveloped my heart with an expansive love story that blew me away. I must say that everyone needs to be prepared for an eclectic collection of multiple and evolving story lines threading through the entire book in an astoundingly entrancing yet supportive way. Charming to the MAX!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 308 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-June-2015
Price $9.99 ebook, $16.95 paperback
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