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Impacted! (Bay Area Professionals 1) by Mickie B. Ashling at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 13-April-2019

Book Blurb

On his way home from vacation, Scott Gregory, a closeted sub, hooks up with the gorgeous Red, a flamboyant Dom, for a thrilling one-off at a BDSM bar. They part ways after a satisfying scene... but meet again when Robin Kennedy—Red—arrives at his new job as a dental hygienist and discovers one of his two bosses is Scott.


Robin and Scott embark on a journey of exploration into their kinkier sides and discover they're more than compatible—they're a perfect match. But keeping employer/employee and Dom/sub separate at the office presents difficulties, and to make matters even more complicated, the owner of the dental practice is an acknowledged homophobe.


They fall in love, but Robin chafes at all the secrecy, refusing to live in the shadows. Scott isn't as brave; he's desperate to protect his job and his future. Will they be able to find some middle ground... or will their entire relationship fall apart because of fear?



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, August 2009.

Book Review

When personal and professional relationships overlap, especially when the men involved are not only in the closet and into BDSM but also working for a card-carrying homophobe, things are bound to go horribly wrong sooner or later. This is the story of Scott, a successful dentist and sub, and Red, a Dom who turns out to be his new assistant. All they initially have is an almost-anonymous encounter at a club and an intense physical attraction. But once Scott returns from his vacation and finds Red working in the practice he runs with his bigoted boss, they have to face reality – and it’s not an easy journey for them.

Scott is a great dentist but not very self-confident in his personal life. He has had to fight for where he is now after his adoptive parents disowned him when he came out to them in college. The contract he signed with his current boss, with an eye to take over when the man retires, was so tempting that Scott did not do any research into the boss’s personal beliefs. Now he is stuck, but figures one year in the closet is not too high a price to pay – except that was before he met Red.

Red is a dental hygienist, a lifelong Dom, and not used to being in the closet. He is very attracted to Scot on more than one level, but hiding who he is does not sit well with him. He did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and is used to working hard to be accepted, but pretending to be someone he is not was not what he signed up for. The conflict between his and Scott’s way to deal with the situation at work leads to more than one fight, a stupid decision, and a breakup that might just be the end of them.

I have to admit that I am conflicted what to think about this book. On the one hand, the characters are interesting, their conflicts are real, and having to weigh their personal happiness against professional success (and the ability to make enough money to survive) is not an easy situation. But. There are an awful lot of coincidences, even though the big one is explained. Then there are the odd “intrusions” of secondary characters’ points of view, and those really bugged me. I know this is a personal style issue and others may not have a problem with it. All in all, it’s a good story with some intriguing main characters and the author did a good job showing how they change and grow.

If you like complicated relationships between consenting adults who are into the BDSM lifestyle but can’t be open about it, if you want to see two gay men come into their own as they learnt to stand up for themselves and come out, and if you’re looking for a read that is as much about hot sex as it is about coming of age at a later point in your life, then you might like this novel.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 191 pages/55216 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-April-2019
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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