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I'm Kita Duran: Original Music Makes by Veronica Purcell at Katarr Kanticles Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Students/Teachers/Professors / Young Adult / Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 27-November-2015

Book Blurb

Original Music Makes is a web fiction series centered on Duran Kita who is a Japanese private high school student. He struggles against a stringent school system to run a music club.  

His first day at school starts off with a science experiment gone wrong that affects the entire student body. Enter the funniest mishap written in any language, where love becomes an open sport.  

Along the way, we discover a naked truth about Duran, a past he is running from and how he became a ghost busting hero. 

Fans of Japanese light novels, shōujo and boys love manga can expect a treat fueled with comedy, cats, romance, friendship and fun. Most of all - music.

Book Review

I was utterly charmed by this sparkling slice–of-Japanese-high-school-life story. It read like a Boys Love schoolboy manga crossed with a high school-oriented K-drama, like Dream High. Originally written as a web series, each chapter of this spirited novel captures an episodic adventure in the life of its lead character Kita Duran who has enrolled in a new school. A musically gifted teen of Japanese/French descent, Kita and his new friends encounter a number of challenges when they decide to form a music club in a high school that frowns upon nonacademic clubs. Vibrant, humorous, and well-balanced with slices of morality, light angst, and romance, I found this to be a playful and entertaining read.

Kita Duran is a wonderful creation and the premise of his just starting out in a new school really worked. Kita’s introduction has him be a seemingly average teenager, but as he begins to make friends and assert himself, he is revealed to be a resilient and generous boy. Throw in that he is gorgeous, prone to lose himself in his piano playing, and is shy in matters of the heart, and Kita Duran is quite adorable. The supporting cast of his friends is equally lovable. I especially enjoyed Kita’s never-met-a–pancake-I didn’t-like close friend, Fumio, and the hot, older teen, Saski, Kita’s “crush.” Kudos to the author for her detailed styling of these boys, I easily assembled my mental cast from today’s hottest J and K-pop idols. But the strength of the story comes from the lush assortment of personalities and the intensity of the boys’ group dynamic. This successfully created an aura of vitality and color that ratcheted up the experiential factor considerably. I also appreciated that strong female characters were included among Kita’s group of friends.

Anyone who is familiar with Japanese anime, manga, and J and K dramas will recognize the trials and situations both comical and dire that Kita and his friends face. From amusing science-experiment-gone-wrong scenes, to confronting a possible ghost, and run-ins with the local bullies, beautifully animated passages sent me from school rooms, to ramen houses, to concert halls and kept me turning the pages for more. Kita’s poignant but mysterious flashback scenes hint that more adventures are pending in the next of the series, and I must admit to being greedy for more steamy, smexy scenes of Kita and his new lover “playing” among the kittens.

The writing, especially the dialogue, is spot on, and a nonintrusive moral thread (anti-bullying and stand-up-for what you believe) is cleverly woven throughout the tale, adding a mature undertone to what is a highly addictive and rocking-good-fun story. Those who are into boy’s love, shōnen’ai, Japanese animé or manga, or anyone simply looking for an entertaining spice-of-the-teen life read is sure to love this book. Me, I’m already sneaking a peek at what happens next in Kita’s life… new chapters of the series are posted on the author’s website. Woot!

Thank you, Veronica Purcell… for making me see animated pictures with your words… great gift that.

“Jazzy, one of the Boys...Love!”





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 276 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-September-2015
Price $1.99 ebook, $11.00 paperback
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