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If Only Loving a Cheetah Were Easy (Lubirea Mai 5) by Bellann Summer at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 05-December-2017

Book Blurb

What if you were at the bottom of the pile in the big cat world? What if unmated cheetahs were hunted?


Cheetahs run fast for a reason. The best hope are matings with lions or tigers. Of course, fate chose a human, Silver Armstrong, for cheetah shifter Tye Curry. But what a human he is.


Silver Armstrong has chosen to wear leather, ride a Harley, and hang out with like-minded, rough bikers. Rescuing a small man fleeing four blond attackers—who turned into lions—wasn’t quite the evening he had planned. The changes his body undergoes after he mates Tye Curry are just as unexpected. The love of a cheetah shifter is everything he needs and more than he could have hoped for.


Book Review

I adore this series that takes the idea of fated mates to a whole new level. So far I have seen lions, tigers, wolves, and panthers, so I was excited to find out more about cheetahs in this fun world the author created. It would appear that, much like in the wild where lions kill cheetah babies, in this world cheetahs are on the lowest rung of the feline ladder and if a stronger predator runs across one, as long as the cheetah isn’t mated, the lion, tiger, or panther can kill the cheetah with no repercussions. Huh. Sucks to be Tye in my opinion.

Tye is thrilled beyond belief when he meets his mate who happens to rescue him from four lions out to kill him. He is not happy, however, to discover his mate is human. Tye was hoping for the baddest of the bad in the feline world to keep him safe. Turns out that Silver has a lot going for him even if he is just a human. In this world mating a cheetah is a wonderful thing because whatever type of feline shifter finds their mate in a cheetah, that feline becomes bigger and stronger in order to protect their cheetah mate. Ah, now it makes sense. If the lions and tigers kill the unmated cheetahs then that’s one less mate that’ll be bigger than they are. It seems Silver has a lot in store for him and the rest of these feline shifters are going to find out just how big and bad Silver can be. Oh and Tye is going to find out his mate is a whole lot more than he seems. *grins*

Tye is seriously shocked when he realizes that he and Silver are lubirea mai mates. He expects Silver to view it as a gift like Tye does but there’s a reason Silver is still single at forty-five. Silver doesn’t like dealing with others’ emotions. Hell, he can barely handle his own, which is why he left his former life behind for one where he’s in complete control. However, once Silver feels the depth of pain he has created with his words in Tye, he strives to be better at being open, honest, and receptive - not easy for him when it comes to feelings - and Tye works at understanding his mate’s discomfort.

I loved the ending. Absolutely perfect and full of irony. I definitely fell for Tye and Silver, and am very happy about their happy ever after.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 103 pages/26749 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-September-2016
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