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How We Survive (Reclaiming Hope 1) by Michele Notaro

Genre Gay / Post-Apocalyptic / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 10-May-2019

Book Blurb

With the world in chaos around us, the only thing I could do was try to keep Felix safe as we searched for our older brother. We’d been traveling for over two years, searching Ministry camp after Ministry camp and trying to steer clear of the Rebels. I didn’t know what to do when we ran into a whole group of shifters with guns. But then, the huge, gorgeous guy that found us did the unthinkable…

At first I thought the two young shifters were trying to sneak up on me, but I soon realized they were only passing through. I was going to send them on their way until I heard the others coming. What was I supposed to do? How else was I supposed to save them? The delicious man and his brother would’ve been killed had I not claimed him.

Will Nate and Tre be able to work together to keep themselves and their packmates alive? Or will they let the cruelty of the outside world tear them apart?

Book Review

A small pack, an interesting worldbuild, a post-apocalyptic setting, and shifters had me hooked from the get-go. It has been over twenty years since the war broke out between shifters and human governments. In that time humans and shifters have aligned themselves either with the Ministry, run by humans, or the Rebels, run by shifters. The human governments knew about shifters for hundreds of years and had an agreement with them, but then they reneged and began experimenting on shifters. When the shifters discovered this, they tried to make peace but the humans refused and, instead, bombed a high school full of shifter-only teenagers. And so the war began, killing many and destroying the face of the world as it was known.

Nate and his brother, Felix, have been searching for their older brother, Ronan, for almost three years when they stumble across a Rebel group out patrolling. Tre and Patty are a pack of two (something unheard of in shifter society) and since Tre is well aware of what could happen to Nate and Felix at the hands of one of his coworkers, so to speak, Tre lies and tells them that Nate is his mate and that they all got separated. It doesn’t take long, however, before Tre and Patty realize that they want Nate and Felix in their small pack for real.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. Tre and Nate turning out to be True Mates was a luck of the draw and their mating wasn’t easy with everything going on in their world. I really liked the way the author wrote the shifters as they’re more like wolves in the wild, i.e. needing to scent pack members and being able to instantly detect different shifters scents. The fact that Tre and Nate didn’t completely understand their feelings or that the other was their True Mate immediately, really worked with how the story is written.

Overall, this is a very fascinating story with a lot of background, action and adventure, some serious realism, and a lovely romance. I’m definitely going to look into more books in the series as I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other characters find their happiness and love.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 368 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-June-2017
Price $3.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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