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How to Bed a Prime Minister (The Light Hearts Trilogy 3) by Dieter Moitzi

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 14-July-2022

Book Blurb

A guy who doesn’t believe in love meets a guy who doesn’t have time for it. Sounds like a romance that simply isn’t meant to happen? There’s only one way to find out…

Dirk Bormann is bored. Very bored. Because Stinksö, for Christ’s sake! The last outpost of Northern civilization, or so it feels. A small island three hours away from buzzing Stockholm—and hot guys!—with only squirrels and the odd elk to talk to…

Then, his first kayak excursion almost ends fatally. Luck would have it that he’s fished out of the suddenly raging sea by a handsome professor of economics, Sven Bergson. They share dinner, they share stories and laughs, they share a bed, alas only innocently, they bond. And suddenly, there seems to be room for more…

But where Dirk has no intention of ever falling in love, Sven has no time for it. A busier university professor probably ne’er was seen. Or does he have another agenda altogether? Whatever it is, when they meet again in the heart of Stockholm, a spark ignites, which leaves both utterly confused… Could it be love? And aren’t all the odds against them?

This is the third and last summer romance of the Light Hearts series.


Book Review

‘How to Bed a Prime Minister’ is the third and (unfortunately) final novel in the delightfully entertaining ‘Light Hearts Trilogy’ – and it’s a very worthy addition. Dirk is the main character this time, and I have to admit that I didn’t very much like him in the first two books. I didn’t dislike him either, I just, as it turns out, didn’t understand him very well. All that changed as I got to know him better while following his adventures in the Swedish countryside – and what adventures they are! Between nearly drowning and being inexplicably attracted to a “somewhat boring” (ha!) professor of economics named Sven, Dirk’s hilarious comments on life and several twists in this story, I was definitely entertained!


Dirk has not had an easy life and as for relationships? Pretty much nonexistent. As it turns out there are good reasons for this (and no, I am not telling, please go read the book yourself). The more I found out, the more I began to like Dirk. His “random scribbles” in-between chapters went from touching to heartbreaking and did a good job showing his deepest emotions without Dirk actually admitting to having them in the narrative of the novel itself. He has to learn to deal with them despite his past, and it’s not an easy task!


The dramatic opening (Dirk almost drowns) is followed by an exploration of his feelings for the stranger who rescues him. Sven is nice, seems to be a gentle professor-type, and Dirk is extremely attracted to him. Which is unusual for Dirk, and necessitates several in-depth conversations (via text) with his friends Karim and Trevor. It was nice to see the two friends from book one and two around to help Dirk gain perspective. But what made this book a page-turner for me was not just Dirk’s emotional growth, but the slowly unraveling details about Sven. I saw most of the hints the author drops along the way a long time before Dirk notices them and really enjoyed the mystery around what was going on. The final denouement is priceless and the way Sven deals with Dirk’s more quirky side is somewhere between hilarious and dreamy.


If you like rom-com with an emotional touch and great character growth, if you think a flirty I’m-not-a-relationship-guy and a somewhat mysterious university professor deserve a happy ending, and if you’re looking for a delightful summer romance with lots of heart, then you will probably love ‘How to Bed a Prime Minister” as much as I do. I really wish there were a fourth book in this series!


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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 224 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-July-2022
Price $3.90 ebook, $9.90 paperback
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