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Hooch & Cake (Special Delivery 1.5) by Heidi Cullinan

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Multiple Partners / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 07-December-2017

Book Blurb

Where there’s a Randy, there’s a way.

Mitch Tedsoe isn’t an expert on many things, but he’s pretty sure getting married shouldn’t be this hard. A justice of the peace, some hooch, some cake—all Mitch wants is to walk down the aisle with Sam Keller, have a party, and live happily ever after. But every day of wedding planning brings a new set of handicaps, legal, logistical, and emotional…until he brings in his best friend, Randy Jansen.

Randy loves being the third point in Sam and Mitch’s kinky triangle, and nothing would give him more pleasure than to thumb his nose at small-town snobbery and give Iowa the most fantastic gay wedding it’s ever seen. But as his plan comes together and his friends prepare to sail off into the sunset, Randy begins to consider the unthinkable: that maybe, just maybe, he wishes he could have a little hooch and cake of his own.

Author's Note: This novella follows directly after the events of book one in the Special Delivery series.

First Edition was published as a free short on the author's website, 2014. This edition has been expanded and reedited.

Book Review

I was very excited when I discovered that the author was rereleasing ‘Hooch and Cake’ which originally was a free short on her blog, but that she had expanded and re-edited. This story is part of her ‘Special Delivery’ world and that is a favorite series of mine. In fact, I have all three editions of the first novel on my Kindle - ha! Anyway, I read this new version and expanded a little myself - to my original review, that is.

I love that Heidi Cullinan wrote this story to cover Mitch and Sam's wedding. I mean, SERIOUSLY, who didn't want to see that? Plus, I got more Randy, and I'm just crazy about him. Randy has an incredible way of making everything okay… snarkily and sarcastically, but that's my guy! *grins*

My heart just broke for Sam as he got more and more upset trying to plan their wedding. There weren't any churches receptive to them, or any other places in Middleton, Iowa, that seemed accepting of Mitch and Sam marrying, or that they could afford. Sam is in nursing school and has one year left, he’s still working at his aunt and uncle’s pharmacy, plus studying and repaying said aunt and uncle for their loan. Mitch is taking every job he can get which has them separated a lot and the rent on their small apartment, and utility bills, is really sucking them dry.

“Downtown Middleton was, as far as Randy could tell, Mayberry. It was the sort of cute village he’d pined for as a kid until he got old enough to spy the cancer lurking beneath such places. The streets were tidy, the storefronts homey, but lift the lid and you found mold right away.”

Poor Sam is watching his friend Emma do all the fabulous pre-wedding things and Sam is feeling seriously left out and lost. She’s got a mom who is completely involved, a two hundred plus guest list, the Catholic church, and a fabulous reception venue. She’s gazing through wedding magazines and Sam is just trying to find a decent place to get married and have a nice wedding. Broke my heart, I tell you, broke my heart! Mitch finally breaks down and calls Randy for help and Randy, of course, is on the next plane out. Randy doesn't like seeing his Peaches upset and he really doesn't like seeing what living in Middleton is doing to his two favorite people.

Mitch raised an eyebrow at Randy. “Does that work with the plans you’re making? Valentine’s Day isn’t very far away.”
Randy rolled his eyes. “Hooker, I could throw you a gala in twenty minutes with one hand tied behind my back and a c*** rammed down my throat. V-day it is.”

(OMG I wanted more, more, and more of this story - which I got with this new edition!) I loved it, everything about it. I so loved watching Mitch and Sam find their way back to where they should have been all along. I liked seeing the small resolution to Sam’s relationship with his aunt. I was crazy over the wedding but the reception was fabulous - right up their alley thanks to Randy - and the wedding night was the bomb. I was a little sad for Randy because I could see that he really wants to find his own person, but knowing that 'Double Blind' is coming up soon reassured me that my guy would get his own happy ever after. Thank you, Heidi, so much, not only for the original short, but for making it even better, and for this wonderful glimpse into my guys' wedding.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 91 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-December-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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