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Hijacked (Licking Thicket: Horn of Glory 1) by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Bodyguards / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Military/Former Military / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 13-June-2022

Book Blurb

Renowned cardiologist Carter Rogers is used to having things under control. His life, his prestigious reputation, his career, his future.


Things he can’t control this time around:


• His meddling grandfather 


• His annoying gamer cousin


• Buggy South American jungles


• Being the meat in a feuding cartel sandwich


• Getting kidnapped by a monologuing drug lord


•Falling for his very hot, very mouthy ex-Special Forces bodyguard


In short, Carter’s peaceful, well-planned life has been… hijacked.


Book Review

I forced a bright smile, like my sweet cousin hadn’t just confessed to being a Horn of Glory doomsday prepper.” ~ Carter


Puns, puns, puns, and more puns! It wouldn’t be a story set in the Licking Thicket area if it didn’t come complete with puns, hot men, crazy townspeople, and zany adventures. I’ll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about role playing games (RPGs) but I do believe the authors have made the fictional Horn of Glory game about as crazy, wonky, and silly as possible – all completely tongue-in-cheek. Much like the ‘Licking Thicket’ series, this spin-off series with book one, ‘Hijacked’, is hilarious and kept me laughing throughout.


Buck Nutter of the infamous Nutter family of Licking Thicket created Horn of Glory which has been very well received. In fact, so well received that HOG, the distributor, decided to “reallocate” some of the local development staff—they fired them—but Buck got advance notice that he was being tossed out with the trash and disappeared with a backdoor code for the game. Now he’s trying to sell it to the highest bidder.


What does any of this have to do with Carter Rogers and Riggs? Well, Riggs works for Champion Security and they had the exclusive contract for HOG, their biggest client yet… until Riggs took a work-related phone call where his Grindr hookup could hear him discussing how these employees were going to be reallocated… and, you can see where I’m going with this. Carter is going on a humanitarian mission to Venezuela but his grandfather has hired a bodyguard which Carter isn’t too happy about. Riggs has been demoted to what he considers “babysitting rich people with no common sense” and isn’t happy being stuck with Carter.


I’m pretty sure y’all can see where this is going…Venezuela for a humanitarian mission and the missing developer of Horn of Glory… yep, that part of the story is pretty much a given. But, interwoven amongst so many puns (sometimes too many) and references to Buck’s magic seed, there is a sweet romance happening. Carter doesn’t do well when he’s not in control of a situation. It comes from his parents dying when he was a child and feeling so very out of control. Now, he’s in the jungles of Venezuela with a man who irritates him and turns him on, a monologuing drug lord, and a weird guy with a mullet who sounds just like Amos Nutter from Licking Thicket. WTH?


I nodded crisply, as if this were no big deal, and I had men calling me baby and sniffing me all the time, though I did not. In every hookup I’d ever had, whether I’d topped or bottomed, I’d always been the baby-er, not the baby-ee. Men looked at me and saw the degree, the polished facade, the air of control, and they made assumptions I’d never cared to challenge.

Riggs, though… he saw. This total jerk with a heart of gold understood me better than men I’d dated for months. How fucked-up was that?”


I adored this book. It was just what I needed to keep me from descending into the doldrums and I can’t thank the authors enough for that! Carter is so much more than the man I met in the original series. He wants to make a difference in the lives of people. He wants a love like his friend Tucker found with Dunn. And he wants to get out of this adventure with all of his limbs intact. Riggs was a little harder to get to know, but strong glimpses of his character came through enough times so that by the end of the story I felt as if I knew him. He’s a Marine with dedicated loyalty and a sense of honor that keeps him on the right track. He loves hard and fierce but truly doesn’t believe any man could handle his work environment where he has to go away for days and/or weeks on end. Luckily for both of these men they find what they need with each other and it’s a lovely, albeit weird, trip. Of course, they had a bit of a stumble at the end, but that was to be expected.


I am very much looking forward to more stories in this spin-off series. There are a few of the men at Champion Security that I can’t wait to watch tumble headfirst into some zaniness and since their office is located in the Thicket… well, there’s always plenty of kookiness going on there.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 242 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-September-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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