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Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague at Bella Books

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Angels/Demons / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Kym Palmer on 05-August-2017

Book Blurb

Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish creatures lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization. The presence of these supranormals (“supras”)—werewolves, vampires, demons—is a closely guarded government secret, as is the existence of a cadre of specially engineered Hunters charged with exterminating them. 

Code-named Malice, Hunter Mary Alice Nolan was genetically modified and rigorously trained to use her great strength, heightened senses, and killer instincts to track and eliminate supras who prey on the innocent. A loner by choice, her only real link to the human world is her close connection to her mother and sister—until the unthinkable happens…  

Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century and is comfortably situated as the Beta of her peaceful pack. Until she is betrayed by the woman she loves and an evil outsider massacres her Alpha and his most loyal followers. Barely escaping with her life, Ruri is forced to tread the perilous path of a lone wolf while vowing vengeance against the usurper and his minions. 

Although these two powerful women should rightfully despise each other, fate will soon compel them to join forces on a dangerous quest to avenge their loved ones—and will ignite a forbidden passion that neither of them ever imagined.

Book Review

I loved MacTague’s ‘Depths of Blue’ sci-fi/fantasy series, and while I looked forward to her new work, I was fervently hoping she could pull off an entirely different genre—paranormal. Why did I worry? MacTague completely knocks it out of the park with this one, one of the best lesbian paranormals I’ve read.

Mary Alice, codename Malice, leads a secret life as a Hunter, a person tasked by the CIA with hunting down what are known as supranormals (werewolves, vampires, demons) when they step out of bounds and prey on unsuspecting humans. It’s a lonely life, especially for someone who has had their physiology modified to make them stronger, faster, and quicker to heal than ordinary humans, all to aid them in their quest. Mary Alice maintains a semblance of a relationship with her only living family, her mother and her sister, but they have no idea what her real life entails.

Ruri is a wolven (werewolf to us mere mortals) and has lived for over a century, very comfortable in her Beta role in her pack. Heartbreaking betrayal leads to most of her pack being eliminated and Ruri going on the run. When fate brings her and Malice together, not as enemies but as allies, both women have to give up ingrained distrusts and fears to work together to bring down the new evil Alpha in town. And working together leads to an attraction neither of them can fight, despite everything that’s stacked against them…

This book blew me away. Not just for the imagination MacTague demonstrated around the different creatures that haunt the darkness and the work Malice and her colleagues have to undertake to defeat the rogue ones, but also because of the underlying themes and threads that hit on so many subjects. Family, commitment, what it means to belong, what it means to trust – MacTague covers them all and in writing that’s so powerful it took my breath away at times.

Both main women are strong yet vulnerable, and the way MacTague explored both facets in each of them was skillfully done. Ruri learning to trust Malice was juxtaposed with Malice coming to accept that Ruri was the woman she wanted to be with, despite their backgrounds, genetics, etc. Cassidy, Malice’s sister, played a pivotal role in the entire story, and her arc was not one I saw coming at all. I thought it was wonderful how MacTague wrote the entire thing from all three characters’ point of view, which gave the book an even greater depth.

MacTague’s writing style flowed just as brilliantly and perfectly as it did in the ‘Depths of Blue’ series, and her storytelling is fantastic. I literally couldn’t find anything to fault – even the vampire scenes I could handle, and I am not a fan of vampires at all! Add in some seriously sexy love scenes and this was a book I couldn’t put down, finishing it in less than two days.

It’s another winner from MacTague, who is rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorite lesfic authors.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 318 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-June-2017
Price $7.99 ebook, $17.95 paperback
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