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Fifty Gays of Shade Anthology, edited by Kiernan Kelly at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 19-February-2013

Book Blurb

Welcome to Shady Business, the hottest gay BDSM club in town. Owned by Grey Shade, it's the place you want to be if you're into leather, whips, crops, and hot and steamy sex.

Each story in this anthology takes the reader inside the club for a steamy, hot night filled with passion, sex, and leather. From love stories that pluck at the heartstrings with riding crops to subs masquerading as Doms, from virginal first-time forays into the scene, to tales of experienced members in the leather community, there's something for every reader here. Top or bottom, Dom or sub, every need is met, every desire filled.

At Shady Business, no good deed ever goes unpunished.


With stories by Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, Lydian Harker, CR Guilano, Sascha Illyvich, Wt. Prater, Emily Moreton, CC Bridges, Wade Kelly, CB Conwy, DC Juris, Amelia June, K.C. Wells, Winnie Jerome, P.T. Walden, Sean Michael

Book Review

The center of this collection of hot short stories is an exclusive BDSM club catering to gay men. It is named 'Shady Business", with an owner called Grey Shade, and that fact alone had me chuckling. Indeed, some of the stories are on the humorous side, some are plain hot, and some are tense and emotional; just right for almost anyone interested in BDSM to find something for them. As a collection, these stories are a good showcase of the many facets of BDSM and what it means to individuals new to the lifestyle and established couples alike.  

Balls Deep by Kiernan Kelly
The opening story gives us some background on the club's history, as well as a deeper insight into its owner, Grey Shade. He may be a successful businessman and proud of his club, but he is also desperately lonely. No longer interested in playing with just any sub, he is looking for someone he can call his own. Not that he would ever admit this 'weakness' to anyone but himself. He has an image to maintain! The one thing he doesn’t want is another run-in with Craig, a club member who thinks he is a Dom, but everyone (except him) can see how wrong that is. Grey has finally had enough of Craig annoying the other Doms and subs alike, and takes things into his own hands.

What follows are some very public and very hot scenes, including humiliation and a spanking. The (private) talk that follows is extremely revealing and gives a nice twist to the story. If you like your BDSM pseudo-harsh with a twist, and if you're looking for something hot that will probably also make you smile, you will probably like this story.

Bill Me by Kayelle Allen
Erik is an old friend of Grey's who is back in town and ready for a new experience, sub, maybe even location, after his last sub walked out on him. The very pretty, slightly younger and totally inexperienced sub he ends up with, based on Grey's recommendation, is ready for some new experiences. He is also a paramedic, so has his own career, which suits Erik fine since he isn’t interested in a 'stay-at-home' sub.

A very hot oral session later, the two are ready for more. If you want a little teaser of a beginning between two men, and if you're looking for dominance and submission in words as much as in deeds, this one may be to your liking,
Tangerine by KC Burn
Kevin and Mark are an established couple looking to spice up their sex life. Kevin is blindfolded as Mark guides him into one of his fantasies, then restrained in a very vulnerable position. The description of his feelings as Mark reveals what is in store for him, and his constant thoughts of saying his safe word make for somewhat tense reading. As does the moment when the blindfold is removed to reveal six men. Kevin realizes having more than one man while Mark looks on may have been a fantasy, but, as is often the case, the reality is different.

Mark luckily knows this as well and manages to give Kevin a variation on his fantasy which is still super-hot but doesn’t push Kevin's (or Mark's) limits too far. If you're looking for an intense scene with an established couple who clearly love each other very much, and if pubic exhibition is your thing, you may like this story.

Sweet Distractions by Lydian Harker
Andre is a sub who is bored out of his mid. That is until the right Dom, a tall man called Gabriel, comes along and literally sweeps him off his feet. Well, off to the dance floor at first, but they get each other hot enough to have to adjourn to a private room. Turns out Andre likes to be bossed around (during sex), and Gabriel is more than ready to supply the bossing.

A hot and very sensual oral scene later they are both sated and know they want more. With a tough of humor, and a very passionate encounter, this is a good story for BDSM beginners who might be curious about the domination aspect. If you like passion and heat between two men who have just met. You will probably like this story.

Tai’d Too Tight by CR Guiliano
Tai, the sub, and Palmer, the Dom, are in trouble four months into their relationship. Tai is an experienced sub and Palmer is insecure; he fears he doesn't have enough experience to give Tai what he needs. Stories that show the insecurities a Dom can have may not be for everyone, but I think they are good because they show that Doms are human too. A fact that is often overlooked in the more unrealistic fantasies that make it onto paper.

Tai has a somewhat risky plan, and the execution is not only hot, it brings Palmer back to reality and makes him realize their relationship is about more than the roles they each like to play. They are lucky to have Grey involved; with his fine sense of what the couple needs he is actually the one giving guidance to Palmer so he can find his feet again.  If you like stories that show the human side of BDSM, and if you enjoy the psychology behind domination and submission, this will probably be a story to your liking.

Into the Void by Sascha Illyvich
In an interesting role reversal, it is the sub, Trent, who makes demands of his Dom, David, in this story. David has lost his way due to someone accusing him of being a beast for what he does to Trent. No matter how much Trent needs the pain and domination, David has let someone who isn't part of the lifestyle interfere with what he thinks. Trent is desperate and goes to Grey Shade for help.

What follows is the story of a man who slowly gets back to who he knows he is. David needs to realize what is between him and Trent is theirs to determine, nobody else's to judge. If you like stories about somewhat damaged Doms who need a little nudge to find their way back to who they are, and if you enjoy reading about flogging and whipping, you will probably like this story.

Two Tiny Secrets by Wt. Prater
This story is a little odd, and somewhat unusual. It is about a married bisexual Dom, Victor, whose wife, Marissa, brings a third into their relationship. Initially David is there only for her to dominate and Victor to play with on occasion, but much more develops. There is also a deeply-seated issue which only Victor and David can deal with.

If you like your BDSM stories a little mysterious, with more than two players and a surprising twist at the end, then you might like this one.

Anniversary Gift by Emily Moreton
Zach and Bobby are celebrating their anniversary with an evening at Grey's club, and the scenes they play are heavier than most of the others in this book. Bobby pushes Zach's limits, but in the end, that is what Bobby is looking for, and it makes him happy. Adding Grey to their play is something they both want, and while the emotions are definitely there, the hot action between three men takes center stage.

If you like three men playing, with two dominating the third, and if you enjoy reading about loving couples who are heavily into BDSM, you will probably like this story.

Crawling Back to You by CC Bridges
Keith is a dominant who desperately wants his sub back. He broke up with Levi when he got scared he might hurt him, but he desperately loves him and all the pretense that he is no longer a Dom is totally useless. As soon as they really talk, it becomes obvious to Levi that Keith made a bad mistake and that he regrets it. There is only one thing a Dom who needs to grovel can do: Keith offers to submit to Levi.

The 'scene' that follows doesn’t last long, and as soon as they return to their familiar roles all the old feelings return as well. If you like to see a Dom eating humble pie before returning to what he does best, and if you believe that a promised new beginning is as good as a happy ending, then you will probably like this story.

Shades of an Untamed Heart by Wade Kelly
Darian loves pain, and Matt likes giving his lover what he wants. The new piercing is just what they both need. But for all the playing they have done, neither of them has ever been to a BDSM club. They pick Shady Business as the best in the city, and what follows is a cute description of a beginner's approach to such an establishment. The scene that follows once they enter may be what they both wanted, and they clearly like the beginning of it, but I was hoping they'd call a stop to the cruel situation before it was too late.

If you believe that safe words are there for a reason, and if you're looking for a rougher kind of play, you may like this story.

An Accountant into Kink by CB Conwy
A kinky accountant who is also a Dom? I smiled when I read this story. Hendricks may play the hard core dominant, but he also has a soft heart and when he 'rescues' bratty newcomer sub Jase. Well, technically he isn't even a sub, he just thinks he is one and he likes to be spanked. As in really likes it. There is only one problem: Jase isn’t 21 yet and not allowed into the club.

Hendricks takes pity on him and takes him inside for a first real spanking experience. The spanking itself is really hot, but the aftercare that follows is even better. Jase hadn’t expected it, but it shows both him and Hendricks how important it is for Jase to be given the opportunity to explore this side of him. If you like BDSM stories that are about more than the kink, and if you like an experienced Dom initiating  new, curious sub, then you will probably like this story.

As You Wish by DC Juris
Rex is a sub with a past, and last time he submitted was a truly bad experience for him. Granted, the man was a stranger, but Rex thought he needed to 'learn' with someone he didn’t know before approaching the man he really wanted. He still carries the physical scars and, as we find out as the story progresses, the emotional and mental leftovers are just as bad. He has a desperate need to submit, but no idea whom to trust.

When he goes to Shady Business and Grey notices him, his problems are solved. He may not know it yet, but the scene that follows is with the man he didn't dare hope would be interested in him. It is hot as well as very touching, and the way Declan takes care of him is all kinds of wonderful.

If you like BDSM stories with lots of emotions, if you enjoy reading about a sub finding his feet again, after a bad experience, and if you're looking for a story where the love between the two men is as important, if not more important, than the kink, you will probably like this story.

New to This by Amelia June
Jensen made me laugh and worry about him at the same time. He is painfully shy, yet yearns for someone to make him submit and do kinky things. When Grey invited him to Shady Business, he follows his heart and finds Grey prepared for him. The man the club owner introduces Jensen to, Malachi, is clearly fascinated and even offers to 'go slow' for the total newbie Jensen clearly is. He doesn’t even know the difference between a flogger and a whip! But he is curious, and more than wiling to try.

Being shackled to a St. Andrew's cross is exciting him, but he is also scared. He is about to call it off, when Malachi, who has been more than stern so far, steps closer, forgets about his role for a few seconds, and reminds Jensen of his safe word and that he, as the sub, calls the shots. It is such a sweet thing to do, and just what Jensen needs. I absolutely loved that!

If you like to read about total newbies to the scene, and if you enjoy Doms who can show a softer side, you will probably like this story as much as I did.

Winning Will’s Heart by K.C. Wells
Matt is a Dom with an identity crisis. Luckily Grey is there to pick up the pieces and give him a nudge in the right direction. His sub, Will, has been abused by another Dom, and Matt is afraid he won't be able to do the young man justice. Not because they can’t play together, which they do really well, but because, even after months together, they haven't been able to connect emotionally. Granted, not every BDSM encounter has to be about emotions, but most of them are, and, clearly, Matt wants to have that connection.

When he follows Grey's advice, even though he isn’t sure it will work, what follows is a great scene. One that is far less kinky than their usual play, but a lot more satisfying - for both of them. If you like stories about men who are looking for a deeper connection, and if you enjoy reading about guys who solve their problems by having the kind of great sex they have both previously missed because they (mistakenly) believed it wasn't part of the equation in their BDSM roles, you will probably like this story.  

Two for the Price of One by Winnie Jerome
Brayden is a bit of a greedy sub – he has two men he is falling for, both Doms, and both very interested in him. Indecisive as he is, he cannot make up his mind. Luckily, he isn't the only one needed to make that decision. He may have met Gabriel first, but adding artist Chase to the equation just complicates his life. Until the two Doms figure out what is going on and decide to take matters into their own hands – which is, after all, where they belong (as long as the sub is okay with it).

Well, Brayden is more than okay with what follows. A hot, passionate encounter in one of the club's private rooms later everyone is spent, sated, and on their way to more kinky play. If you like your BDSM a little spicy, and if you're looking for a story with passion between three men, you will most likely enjoy this one.  

Too Attached by P.T. Walden
This is an interesting look at one of Grey's problems. As the owner of a BDSM club you'd expect him to have a few issues with subs getting too attached to him, and 'Too Attached' is just such a tale. The way Grey solves it is typical – and works really well. Not just for the sub, but for the friend Grey asks to step into the fray to solve his issue.

M. is a stern Master, with very particular requirements, and just forceful enough to prove to the sub, referred to only as "pet", that there is more than one Master out there who can make him happy. Ell, maybe not happy, exactly, but he'll be more disciplined in future that is for sure. If you like stories about harsh Masters who discipline their boys with just the right level of physical punishment and rewards, and if you're looking for a very hot read, you will probably like this story.

One for Luck by Sean Michael
Michael is a totally stressed-out sub. He is a nurse, and needs some relief. Not that he is happy about his Dom, Garth, calling him into Shady Business for a session, but that is part of the issue. He is too tense to even look forward to what he knows will be good for him. Once he sees what Garth has prepared for him, he relaxes a little – after all, it can't all be bad if the man organized a birthday party for him.

The ensuing birthday spanking was hot, but the care Garth took to make sure Michael was in a better headspace, a little more relaxed, before he even started, was even hotter. These guys clearly love each other. If you like your BDSM kinky with a lot of love mixed in, and if public spankings are your thing, you will probably like this story.




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