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Falling Into the Black (A Planet Called Wish 3) by Caitlin Ricci at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Other Planets / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-March-2017

Book Blurb

Sometimes there’s a difference between duty and doing what’s right. And sometimes doing what’s right comes with a high price.


Every aspasian at Asiq adores the handsome peacekeeper Resan—all except for Arin. While the other workers vie for Resan’s attention, Arin avoids him at all costs, which rouses Resan’s suspicion. When he discovers Arin is a runaway slave, Resan is bound by law to return him to his master. It is only later that Resan realizes what he’s done. Arin’s owner bought him at twelve, married him, and not only violated Arin himself, but loaned him out to his friends. Resan has returned him to a life of rape and abuse, and now he must make a decision: free Arin and abandon the oaths he swore as a peacekeeper, or leave him to languish and abandon his own conscience and heart.


Book Review

This third story set at Asiq, a high-end brothel where asparsians/companions do their work with clients from various races and species, has a somewhat different feel from the first two volumes of this series. It’s about Arin, who turns out to be a runaway slave, and Resan, the peacekeeper who finds out and returns Arin to his cruel master. I found the abuse and repeated rape Arin is exposed to hard to deal with, and was fuming about Resan’s stupidity of returning Arin without even checking the details of what he would have to face.

In fact, I hated Resan for it – how could he ever redeem himself from that level of cruelty? Yes, he is a peacekeeper bound to uphold the law, but does that mean he is allowed (or supposed) to be cruel? What about basic decency? Yes, Resan comes around to regretting his decision, but the damage is done and he isn’t even the one who has to bear the consequences – Arin is. This setup made for an intense read, one I was fully involved in from the word go, and one of those romances where I adored one partner and hated the other-  even at the end of the book. Never mind how Arin feels about Resan, eventually, I think Resan goes from despicable and cruel to barely tolerable – and that is all I am willing to give him. Grrrrr.

Arin is such a sweet guy. All he wants is safety, a job he likes, and not to have to submit to his cruel master’s wishes. Arin was sold into slavery by his parents - !!! – when he was five. I can’t even imagine the life he had and the suffering he went through. Considering that, he is amazingly well adapted and kind. He never gave up and even managed to escape – only to find himself returned to his former fate with no hope of it ever ending. That is when he breaks, and even though subsequent events solve the problem of his freedom, I think that scar will always stay with him. It made me despise Resan even more!

If you can get over the severe flaw in Resan’s character (which I admit I could not) and see how he changes and grows due to his experience when facing the consequences of his blind obedience to upholding the law, you will be in a better place regarding this novel than I am. I do respect that fact that the author made me feel so intensely, and I give her credit for coming up with yet another fascinating story in the world of the planet Wish. I just wish the price Arin had to pay had not been so high!

If you like conflicted men of the law who are in dire need of learning to think for themselves, if you want to see two very unlikely candidates for a relationship fall in love, and if you’re looking for a read that might infuriate you as much as pull you in, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
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Publication Date 17-March-2017
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