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Everybody Hates Fruitcake (Naughty North Pole 5) by Deanna Wadsworth at Decadent Publishing

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Erotic Romance / Holiday / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 31-December-2017

Book Blurb

Ivan has the bad luck to be the only elf at the naughty North Pole with fruitcake-flavored cum—and he’s not telling anyone. When fellow elf Jimmy hits on him, Ivan fears revealing his secret and losing a chance to have a real relationship with the sexy elf.

After all, everybody hates fruitcake!

Danni's wife Sheila is the Head Chef at the North Pole. Unfortunately, while Sheila hunts for the perfect recipe for fruitcake, she neglects her wifely duties. So when Ivan tells Danni about his dilemma, she devises a plan to solve both of their problems.

Can these two girls help Ivan realize he is perfect just the way he is? Will Danni's wife perfect her fruitcake recipe with Ivan's special ingredient? But most importantly, will Ivan have the courage to take Jimmy up on his offer?

Book Review

This series has had some really hilarious installments published over the last few years, and I find myself looking forward to each new volume as the festive season approaches. This year’s contribution is as funny as ever – what with a dark elf worried about the taste of his cum in a world where every elf has a different flavor, most of them something appropriately sweet. Personally, I love fruitcake so I did not see the issue, but Ivan has a different perspective based on what a former lover told him. Poor Ivan!

Ivan likes his new job handling Santa’s reindeer, he enjoys seeing his friend Danni on a regular basis, and he wishes he could have a loving relationship just like she does. Ivan likes sex as much as the next elf and if it weren’t for his well-kept secret, he’d be in a relationship as fast as he could get cute Jimmy to agree. The worst part – for Ivan – is that Jimmy seems to be interested but Ivan is too scared to open up and risk everything… It takes a very sneaky intervention from Danni and her wife to fix this conundrum.

Even though there is a lot of angst and drama in this story, what with Ivan’s hang-ups and the will-they-won’t-they nature of his and Jimmy’s romance, the author manages to tell their tale with so much humor and sexiness, that I laughed out loud more than once. By the time that Ivan’s best friend, Danni, and her wife get involved in the proceedings, the “typical” North Pole naughtiness of this series has taken over and everyone is well on their way for another fantastic Christmas orgy or two.

If you enjoy your Christmas stories on the naughty side, if you’re a fan of the Naughty North Pole series, and if you think you’re ready for an entertaining read with lots of hot action, hilarious confusion, and a great fruitcake surprise, then you will probably like this short novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 58 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-November-2017
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