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Desires of a Mage (Mages of the Nether 2) by A.M. Halford at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Wizards, Witches, and Mages / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-December-2016

Book Blurb

Marcus, bored with his new role as Daniel and Aiden’s bodyguard, agrees to go on a mission into the Nether. Seeing this as his chance to do something exciting, he tries his best to put up a good front for his assigned partner, Edmond Elena of the house of the rabbit, of which he shares a passionate yet sad past.


Edmond holds deep scars from his past with Marcus, scars he doesn’t want reopened. Still, the pieces of Marcus that he sees beneath his armor of strength and aloofness weakens his heart to him even as he realizes Marcus hasn’t changed in all these years.


Fighting off their growing desires and feelings for each other, the two must find the stolen tomes of the previous Mediums. Their search for the books brings them into contact with the mysterious group known as the Blood of Aeon, the group responsible for the death of the Dalrymple family forty years ago, and possible secrets that could destroy their world.


Book Review

It has been a while since I was introduced to the Nether, the Medium, and the soon-to-be Mage King, in A.M. Halford's 'Mages of the Nether' series. In the first book I learned about Aiden, this generation’s most powerful medium, and Daniel, the heir apparent to the Mage King. I also discovered why Aiden's family, the Dalrymples, had been in hiding for decades, who wanted them dead (the Blood of Aeon cult), and I visited the Nether and met Alderon. It was all very fascinating and exciting so I was hoping for the same in this second book.

Marcus is Daniel's cousin and a powerful mage in his own right. Edmond is a member of the House of Rabbits whose primary purpose is teaching and they rarely interact with the other Houses. So when Edmond is asked to accompany Marcus into the Nether to help him locate all one hundred and thirty-two tomes stolen from Alderon, shocked is at least one of the things Edmond is feeling. Edmond is, however, the very best at locating items, even ones that don't belong to him.

Edmond and Marcus have a history and neither of them is happy about having to spend time with the other. Although it's not for the reasons they think. As they are dealing with their emotions, desires, and hurts from years before, they are also trying to track the thieves and get to the bottom of this mystery. It doesn't help Edmond that Marcus is under a magical contract with Aiden (as are most of his cousins, Daniel, and the King) that restricts what Marcus can tell Edmond. Edmond only knows he's looking for books, he has no clue these are the diaries of all the previous mediums, and that they also stole the grimoire.

An extremely exciting tale that reveals the potential of a hidden traitor within the royal family and left me hanging on the possibility of who it might be. I adored the fact that Edmond and Marcus got their misunderstanding taken care of and were free to admit to their love for each other. I'm really looking forward to the next book and I hope it involves Zachary. Hint. Hint.





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Length Novella, 48673 words
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Publication Date 05-October-2016
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