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Deep Desire (The Deep 1) by Z.A. Maxfield

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Vampires / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 11-January-2018

Book Blurb

There’s no leverage like seduction…until love takes a bite of his plans.

As the Indiana Jones of historical erotica, there is no document existing—or just rumored to exist—Adin Tredeger can’t unearth. Why he would risk the biggest coup of his career to join the mile-high club is beyond him. But the disarming, dark-eyed man who somehow enters Adin’s locked airplane washroom has him completely nude and coming apart. All without a whimper of protest.

From that moment, Adin and Donte Fedelta engage in an international battle of wit and cunning. The prize—a priceless, 500-year-old journal with illustrations so erotic it could make the Marquis de Sade blush.

Yet Donte’s desire for the journal goes far beyond simple possession. The undead nobleman wrote it. And he’s not above using every trick in his otherworldly arsenal—including seduction—to get it back.

Chemistry draws them together even as fortune tugs them apart. But when a third party joins the chase, they must unite to fight an enemy with a deadly goal—to erase Donte from history.

Product Warnings: This product contains one cocky college professor, one centuries-old vampire who is out to show him who’s at the top of the food chain, and red wine. Because it goes so well with humble pie.




First Edition published as 'Notturno (The Hours Trilogy 1)' by MLR Press, 2009.

Second Edition published as 'Deep Desire (The Deep 1)' by Samhain Publishing. 



Book Review

Note: I originally read this book in October 2013 and loved it. When I had the opportunity to read a newly revised, re-edited, re-named, and updated version, I jumped at the chance. The following review is a combination of old and new, and I hope it's useful to you.

Had I known when I was in college that majoring in English Literature could have led me to a career locating and acquiring ancient erotic texts, I'm fairly certain I would have jumped on that bandwagon. Had I also known that finding a truly rare piece would lead me to hot and intense sex with a gorgeous vampire at thirty thousand feet, I'd have stampeded my way to the registrar's office. Lucky for me, though, I have the very talented Z.A. Maxfield to write a story about it instead. Since she is a favorite author of mine, it was a no-brainer on wanting to read 'Deep Desire', the first book in her 'Deep' series.
Adin is a professor of English Literature and a world renowned expert on erotic texts. His world is shaken rather momentously when he locates and purchases Notturno, an Italian homoerotic text from five hundred years ago. Even more intense is when he meets Donte, the vampire who wrote the book detailing the forbidden love he had with Auselmo.

“I am no longer capable of compassion, Adin.”
“I understand.”
“Do you?” Donte asked. “Do you really understand what it means? The book you bought with money, transported in plastic, looked at under a microscope, and joked about with your friends is all that is left of my soul.”
Adin refuses to give the book to Donte and sets about having it authenticated and Adin begins translating it. Oh, the love that Donte and Auselmo had was truly beautiful, even as they hid by both marrying women and providing children, and all the lonely time they were forced apart. Adin is sick when the book is stolen from his hotel safe and automatically assumes it's Donte, who assures him it is not. Donte has spent the last sixty years trying to get the book back as it was taken from him when the Nazis invaded Paris. When it surfaced again and went to auction, which is how Adin got it, Donte's bank account was hacked, specifically preventing him from bidding. Now Adin and Donte are both hunting for the book, but Donte makes it plain that he won't give it up when he gets it.

"For a while at least, he had known, in as deep a place as the molecular structure of his body, a connection to a person not in his immediate family. For the briefest of moments he hadn’t felt alone."
As Adin continues his search, he realizes that there may be more than just one vampire in the world, and if that's true, then what other things he's never believed in might exist? Adin is being stalked, but by whom and why he doesn't know, yet. He is attacked in his hotel room and almost killed, but is saved by his driver who was hired by Donte to make sure Adin stays safe. Interesting. This from a vampire who swore he lost his humanity a long time ago. When Adin is betrayed by Donte, he files his insurance claim and heads home not knowing what he'll do now, but since everyone has warned him away and threatened his life, it appears he has lost the Notturno for good. But the story isn't over as Adin gets abducted from the airport by a vampire, Santos, who is out to kill Donte, and since Santos can no longer lure Donte with the Notturno, as Donte has it back in his possession, the next best thing is Adin.

“I’m a monster, Adin,” Donte said softly, his lips spraying the falling raindrops onto Adin’s cheek. “Not human. I cannot love you.”

There were a whole lot of twists and turns in this story that made it even more exciting. Who Santos really is and why he wants Donte dead. How Adin's best friend and his partner were involved in Adin's rescue. I really enjoyed this story and I wasn't so sure I would at the beginning because it seemed very different from other works by this author. However, in this instance, different was very good. The love story was tragic, particularly when reading the Notturno and what Donte and his lover went through. But Adin and Donte had some grave difficulties and it was hard to see Adin hurt so badly. Adin got his happy ending, though, and I'm interested to see where the story goes next. Thank you, ZAM, for a really great read!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 202 pages
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Publication Date 26-June-2017
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