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Deep Deception (The Deep 2) by Z.A. Maxfield

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Vampires / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-January-2018

Book Blurb

Adin will give up everything for his immortal lover...except his humanity.

Leave a note and slip away to Paris alone, Adin thought. It'll prove to his vampire lover he doesn't need 24/7 supervision, Adin thought. Instead Adin lands in a surreal situation that isn't going to endear him to Donte - at all.

As he awaits an old foe, Ned Harwiche III, for a prearranged meeting, Adin is head butted, tossed into the back of a car...then gets the chance to acquire an artifact Harwiche had been bidding on.

Adin jumps at it, if only as payback for all the dirty tricks Harwiche has pulled over the years. To his horror the "artifact" turns out to be an adolescent boy named Bran.

Sickened, Adin vows to help the boy out, but like Donte - like a lot of the world Adin never knew existed - Bran isn't at all what he seems to be.

While Donte and Adin negotiate the meaning of the word forever, Bran is running out of time. Especially when tragedy and betrayal pit Adin's long-cherished beliefs against Donte's love.

Warning: Contains a gothed-up college professor armed with guyliner (which is a big problem when you're up against a little monster) and an old vampire who doesn't like his lover out of reach. Not that he can't administer discipline from afar.

First Edition published as 'Vigil (The Hours Trilogy 2)' by MLR Press, 2010.

Second Edition published as 'Deep Deception (The Deep 2) by Samhain Publishing, 2015.

Book Review

Note: I originally read this book in November 2013 and loved it. When I had the opportunity to read a newly revised, reedited, renamed, and updated version, I jumped at the chance. The following review is a combination of old and new, and I hope it’s useful for you.

Immortality. The concept has appeal, but I'm not so sure about it. If it were all the way like it seems in stories, then sign me up. But, if I'm just going to live my regular life ad infinitum, then I think I'd have to pass. However, in this second installment of ZA Maxfield's 'The Deep', I can certainly understand Donte wanting his lover to be with him for eternity, and Adin's desire to experience the life he is meant to have, in full.

‘Deep Deception' picks up three months after the end of ‘Deep Desire', and all is not wine and roses with Adin and Donte. Adin feels that Donte doesn't trust him as he's constantly being watched and inundated with bodyguards. Donte feels that Adin doesn't understand the dangers in this new world he is now a part of. Adin leaves Donte in Spain and heads to Paris to get away and to just be himself for a while without feeling like he's being babysat. His nemesis, Ned, contacts him to meet, but when Adin shows up, he's been tricked and he's taken to a clandestine meet where "Ned" has contracted with these men for the purchase of something valuable. It turns out to be a young boy, Bran, bound in iron chains. Adin buys him in hopes of finding out what is going on and getting Bran to safety. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case for Adin, nothing is as it seems from the moment he meets Bran.

What I found most disturbing about this story was that I still never really warmed up to Donte. I adore Adin, but, once again, I felt he got treated like something stuck to the bottom of Donte's shoe, and regardless of what Donte would say, his actions, or actions he allowed to happen, were atrocious. Because of Bran's unusual abilities, quite a bit of this story is taken up with Adin's memories of his family and incidents in his past that shaped who he is. It also makes Adin relook at his life and his behavior and wonder whether what he considered carefree, truly was reckless behavior. And his best friend, Edward, and his partner, Tuan, are also involved in a very otherworldly way which Adin is rather surprised to discover.

I found that there were parts of this second installment that I liked more than the first book, and parts that I enjoyed less. I did still really like the whole story. However, the ending came as a bit of a surprise. Not the what, so much, but definitely the who. Now I'm dying to know if there's going to be a third book. It's hinted at but I can find no definitive answer. Only ZAM can tell me, and I'm not sure she's listening. *hint, hint*





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 232 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-June-2017
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