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Couture Crush (Model Love) by Charlie Novak

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Kristin F. on 25-November-2022

Book Blurb

Beau Barrett is about to become Alt. Bride’s first male cover model, but what about his own fairy-tale ending?

When Beau Barrett arrives to shoot for alternative bridal magazine,
Alt. Bride, the last person he expects to see is Cash, his long-lost childhood best friend. The spark between them is instant, but with Beau’s calendar splitting at the seams, he’s not convinced a relationship is possible.

Cash never thought he’d see Beau again, but now the make-up artist is determined to hold on to him. Cash’s life might be overflowing with events, but his crush on Beau can’t be ignored, especially when things between them feel so right.

All they have to do is navigate their jam-packed schedules, their spread-out living arrangements, and the modelling offer of a lifetime. It won’t be easy, but if they can do it, Beau and Cash might just get the chance to find the love they’ve always dreamed about.


Book Review

This is a warm, sweet romance that has no Big Misunderstandings, minimal angst, no tears, just lots of good feels as Beau and Cash reconnect after ten years. There is a teeny tiny bit of apprehension as both wonder if they’ll relate to the grown man before them, first date jitters kinda thing, concern about a relationship with a busy work schedule, which is understandable and realistic. 


What I appreciated was both of them acknowledging there was a comfortable relatability to the other, but also saying, how do I make this work with my career? It helped that Beau and Cash both worked in similar fields and understood the other’s needs. In Cash’s case, he’s self employed and for Beau, he’s at the whim of the modeling industry.


Where the story hiccupped for me – and I’m going to say straight up I’m basing this on other modeling themed books I’ve read – was NO mention of Beau needing to watch his weight, skin care regime, working out, or other items I would anticipate a model needs to do to stay attractive in the industry. So that bit of realism was missing for me. And I really wanted a visual of Beau in the outfits! 


The book blurb is spot on for this book – this is a perfect read for a rough week where a sweet pick-me-up is needed or a commute read. The visuals pull one in from the first chapter, the characters are enjoyable, the romance is endearingly sweet, and it’s all topped of with a very happy ending. This was my first Charlie Novak book and based on this, I’ll be looking into some of this author's other offerings.




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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Novella, 47500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-September-2022
Price $2.98 ebook
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