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Christmas Goes Analog by Kate Lowell at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-December-2013

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When Rob's dad was injured by an uninsured driver, it spelled the end of Rob's carefree childhood and, more important to Rob, the idyllic Christmases they used to have. Hard work and sacrifice nets him a degree in computer programming and then a contract at a rapidly-growing video game company. Things are looking up, especially when he meets his new System Administrator, Shawn. But the closer it gets to Christmas, the more bugs there are in the system.

Shawn's found him. The Guy. But Rob's had it rough and it's been years since he's been anything but responsible. It all comes boiling to the surface when a family financial crisis is followed by a work emergency that ruin Rob's plans to bring Shawn home to meet the family over Christmas holidays.

With Rob's mood growing darker the closer it gets to Christmas, Shawn needs to find some way to give Rob the Christmas he's so desperate for. And he just might have the plan…


Book Review

I remember being a kid when my siblings and I got up early on Christmas morning and we'd all line up and wait for Mom and Dad and then we'd start our morning of gift giving and good food. I miss those days when I was old enough to know what was going on, but still young enough that someone else was responsible for all the adult crappies, i.e. mortgage, bills, groceries, car payments, etc. Oh, how I wish I hadn't been in such a hurry to grow up, because responsibility can stink sometimes and Rob sure knows that better than most. This was my first book by Kate Lowell and I enjoyed it.

Shawn met Rob on Rob's first day of work at the gaming company they both ended up at. It didn't take long before next thing you know they've been seeing each other exclusively for six months and life is really good. Except for one thing. Rob still helps to support his family at home. In fact, ever since the accident that disabled his father, Rob has worked to help supplement the family income to pay for the private care home his dad is in. Rob hasn't ever had the chance to be a kid and enjoy life which is what makes his easygoing and happy nature so amazing.

The money Rob has been saving to buy tickets for both him and Shawn to go to Rob's home for Christmas will have to be used to help his mom and sister get a car since theirs died. One good thing comes out of that, though. Shawn gets the chance to help Rob out and they have the conversation about what it means to be in a relationship of equals where sometimes one gives more and then vice versa based on what life hands you. When upper management screws up the workload leaving them in a strong possibility of not being able to release their new game on time, Rob is forced to cancel his dreams of going home with Shawn in favor of working long days right until Christmas. Shawn being the good boyfriend surprises Rob and makes it a holiday to remember.

This was a very sweet holiday story. It was a nice reminder about what the important things in life are and that there's more to Christmas than just getting gifts. Thank you, Kate.





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Length Novella, 31661 words
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Publication Date 03-December-2013
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