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Chase Me Home (A Bridge to Abingdon 3) by Tatum West

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 08-April-2019

Book Blurb

I broke Zane Chase's heart on the night of my high school graduation. I played straight for years, pushing love away at every turn. I created a picture perfect life--I built a billion dollar company, married a good girl, had a kid. I hid myself for decades, and I got exactly what I wanted. But it all came crashing down. My company fired me, the wife ditched my gay a$s and took our daughter with her. The only place to go is home. My first night Abingdon, I run right into Zane. His crystal blue eyes and sculpted body wake something deep inside of me.

I offer Zane a cool million to work with me, to build something new in Abingdon--something amazing. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I've never been with a man before. I've never fallen in love. And I f*cking hate Virginia. I thought there were no happy endings for a man like me, but Zane is showing me that I might be wrong. Just when everything seems perfect, my ex drops my daughter off with me and disappears from both of our lives. 

Now I'm not just an unemployed a$shole in a small town, I'm also a single dad to a traumatized kid whose mom has vanished. My little girl doesn't trust me, and I desperately need a crash course in parenting. I thought Zane was my second chance at life--but he's too good to drag into this mess I've created.

Elias Spaulding is a total d*ck. He's rude and presumptuous--seems he never learned any damn manners. He's got wild ideas, fast cars, and more money than God. He's everything a wild-child, punk artist like me should hate. But he's the most fascinating man I've met in years. And deep down, he's the same boy who stole that first kiss from me in the darkness of my dorm room. Beneath his bad attitude is a man who wants a real life--a home, a family, someone to love. I was never the kind to settle down, not since I left for New York. But something's telling me that Elias might be worth the trouble.

I'm falling in love with Elias, whether I like it or not. And I can see myself here, in Abingdon, building a life with him and his daughter. A dangerous ghost from Elias' past appears, threatening to ruin everything we've built. Elias keeps trying to push me away in the midst of all the drama, but this time, I'm not leaving. Elias Spaulding was my first love, and now he's my home. I won't let him go without a fight.


Book Review

“I won't be the one to chase you but at the same time you're the heart that I call home.” ~ Over, song by Lindsay Lohan

Twenty years ago, Elias Spaulding, of ‘Chase Me Home’ by Tatum West, made the biggest mistake of his life. Afraid of adding the label of gay to his already long list of “eccentricities”, he denied his feelings for Zane Chase. After kissing Zane, it was too much for Elias and he shut Zane out of his life. Now Elias is back in Abingdon, disgraced after being dethroned as head of the company he started because he mistreated his employees and his board of directors. One of the first people he meets once back is the one who he never gave a chance, Zane.

Zane Chase is now an accomplished artist with a thriving career. He has never forgiven Elias Spaulding for the hurt and humiliation he caused all those years ago. After their tainted history, Zane is appalled to discover that he is still attracted to Elias. Besides what happened between them years ago, Elias has gained a reputation of being a ruthless businessman with little remorse, someone who buys rather than earns whatever he wants. Zane is determined not to fall under Elias’s spell or be a victim of his manipulation. Zane is determined not to be bought. Yet, as he gets to know Elias, he sees a different side of him. Yes, he can still be a jerk at times, but under that indifferent veneer there is a man who yearns for a normalcy most people have that comes to them as naturally as breathing. Knowing that, Zane can’t find it in his heart to turn his back on Elias and does everything he can to help Elias help himself.

Elias may have lost his position, but he still has his money and he’s determined to use it to rebuild his reputation and show his former associates that they can’t defeat him. Elias sees his dismissal as a setback, not as the end. He blames his former associates for the mess that he created himself. Running into Zane is something he forgot to anticipate, but when he does, he sees it as an opportunity to correct a huge past mistake. His feelings for Zane are quickly rekindled and they jump into a hot and heavy physical relationship. Things seem to be going well, but Elias still has a lot of baggage to unpack before he can have what he wants with Zane. When Elias’s wife drops off their daughter with him and leaves, Elias is in a panic. His daughter has some of the many issues Elias had as a child. She is bright but has behavioral problems that interfere with her learning, as well as others in the school. Zane, having an older brother who has some of the problems Elias’s daughter has, does his best to help Elias; but when he realizes that he is enabling Elias, keeping him from learning to deal with his daughter on his own, Zane calls a timeout in their relationship.

In ‘Chase Me Home’, the theme of character growth, importance of family, and commitment is carried over into this third book in the series. I loved Zane. He was everything I admire in a man. He was strong, talented, with tons of common sense. I had a lot of admiration for the way he worked with Elias’s daughter as well as Elias and his own mentally challenged brother. Zane had an innate compassion that Elias needed to find within himself. I admired Elias too, he has huge potential and did his best to live up to it. Thanks, Tatum, for helping Zane and Elias find their groove and their path to happiness.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 290 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-February-2019
Price $3.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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