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Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Pirates / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 14-April-2018

Book Blurb

A tale of pirates, lost love, and the fight for a happy ending.

After he’s set adrift and left to die by his mutinous crew, the last person Royal Navy officer Daniel Horton expects to come to his rescue is Captain Merric. An infamous pirate, Merric is known as much for stealing his victims’ hearts as their jewels. Daniel’s world is about to be turned upside down when he recognises Captain Merric as none other than Edward Merriston, someone he thought he'd never see again.

Edward can’t believe Daniel Horton is aboard his ship. While Edward is willing to do anything he can to get a second chance at their happy ending, Daniel isn’t interested in digging up the past. But Daniel is one priceless treasure Captain Merric isn’t about to let go of without a fight.

Captain Merric first appeared as short story in a pirate-themed anthology. Now completely rewritten and extended he is ready to set sail again.

Book Review

“There was no way Edward could change the past; he could not reverse fifteen years; instead, he would need Daniel to forgive him for being so quick to believe the words in that message and for choosing not to return to fight for the love they'd vowed was most important to both of them.” ~ Captain Merric (Rebecca Cohen)

After Captain Daniel Horton, of 'Captain Merric' by Rebecca Cohen, has been set adrift in a row boat by his mutinous crew, he is rescued by pirates. When Daniel gets his first look at their captain, Captain Merric, Daniel thinks he is seeing a ghost. Their captain is a man Daniel thought long dead; Edward Merriston is the lover who deserted and betrayed him.

To Edward, being reunited with Daniel is a dream come true, a second chance at love, but it becomes excruciatingly clear that Daniel doesn't feel the same way. He's not the open, naive young man whom Edward was parted from so many years ago. Daniel has been hardened by his years at sea; he's become cool and aloof, showing no emotion except contempt for Edward. Edward's attempts to renew their closeness is violently rebuffed by Daniel. Obviously, he has no intention of forgiving Edward for the heartbreak he caused. Even after they clear the air and discover the truth, that they were both manipulated by their families in order to keep them apart, things are still uneasy at best. Daniel isn't sure he can open himself up to the pain that losing Edward caused him. Edward has changed too, but one thing stayed the same; try as he may, no one was capable of coming close to comparing to the love he still feels for Daniel.

Edward takes Daniel to an island, a pirate's paradise of sorts, where he owns a huge house, finely furnished with every convenience available. Edward is hoping Daniel will relax and give him a chance to prove his love. Edward hopes that Daniel will see that he's sincere and will want to renew their relationship. Daniel is having trouble dealing with the fact that he, a Royal Navy officer, is entertaining the idea of loving a pirate. A large part of Daniel wants to believe Edward and give in, but another part feels an obligation to return to his old life. As difficult as it will be to put this paradise behind him, Daniel knows he must go back, if for no other reason than to see that the men who abandoned him to die will be brought to justice.

Rebecca has managed to push all the right buttons for me with this tale of a not-as-bad-as-he-seems pirate being reunited with his long-lost love. I appreciated that Daniel didn't just fall into his arms the moment they got back together, that Edward took the time to clear up the misunderstanding between them and the patience to woo him rather than demanding he cooperate. Actually, if it can be said that a pirate is capable of being sweet, that's what Edward was to Daniel. He certainly won my heart! If you enjoy stories about swashbuckling pirates, ships, treasure, forgiveness, and second chances, then you may like this book. Thanks, Rebecca!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 200 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-April-2018
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