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Bound by Honor (War of the Five Fangs 0.5) by Asher North

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 23-February-2018

Book Blurb

In the ninth year of the War for the Light, a great warrior rises…

Alpha Oberon Mooneye is legendary for his feats on and off the battlefield. As leader of the Black Claw pack, he’s elevated his pack to rule over all of Moonvalley Lake. But when an old friend summons him and delivers a chilling prophecy, Oberon has no choice but to turn his back on his pack to save all of shifter kind. 

… And by betraying his own pack, ends the war… 

Omega Rohn Greyborn accepts that he’s never going to live up to the massive reputation of his father, the Grey Fang pack leader. But he could never have imagined that his father would turn against his own pack and arrange for Rohn to be mated to Oberon Mooneye, their pack’s biggest rival and most bitter enemy. 

… But peace is ever so fragile.

As Oberon and Rohn learn to live with each other, they also learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, fears and insecurities. A son brings them closer together—until the threat of war again tears them apart.

Book Review

I seriously appreciate finding a new-to-me author and when they’re kind enough to offer up their new release at a reduced rate… well, I’m not cheap when it comes to books, but a bargain is a bargain. Plus, the blurb drew my interest and I really liked the fact that ‘Bound by Honor’ is a prequel, so I could get my appetite whetted, so to speak, without having made a huge commitment.

“Nine years ago I delivered my vision of the War for the Light to all of the great pack leaders. Each of them laughed at me and each of them are now dead—except for you,” Pollux said and a chill rippled down Oberon’s spine. It was true. All of the pack leaders at the time thought Pollux was a raving fool—and possibly insane—but Oberon had believed him and nine years later he learned how right he’d been to do so.”

Years of waging war has taken its toll on packs that used to be at peace. Oberon listens to Pollux’s advice, for as a seer his word is inviolable, and agrees to mate with Rhon Greyborn, son of Aris who leads Grey Fang pack. This means Oberon turning his back on his own pack, Black Claw, but it will unite Grey Fang and Gold Eye packs allowing them to bring their allies together and begin the ending of this war. Oberon and Rhon will provide Aris with an heir for his pack, as well.

I enjoyed the worldbuilding although I definitely feel it could have been expanded upon. It certainly threw me to realize the wolves in this world can speak while in wolf form as I’ve not come across that uniqueness before. This prequel does a good job of explaining the history of the War for the Light, the treaty that brought peace, and then the revolution that attempted to rise, and ended in four strong packs signing a peace treaty that lasts for decades to come. Again, however, I would have enjoyed more detail and information.

Overall I enjoyed this introduction. I definitely would have liked more time with Oberon, Rhon, and Zion, their alpha son. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending but I believe the next installment might provide me with more of what I expect from a shifter/mpreg, romance novel. I am looking forward to it!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 56 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-August-2017
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