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Blacker Than Blue (Vampire Sorority Sisters 2) by Rebekah Weatherspoon at Bold Strokes Books

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Vampires / Angels/Demons / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 01-October-2013

Book Blurb

The beginning of Cleo Jones’s life as a vampire was the end of her relationship with her first love and only submissive, college senior Benny Tarver. Mutual resentment and heartache have kept them apart for the past three years, but their responsibilities to the sisters of Alpha Beta Omega sorority have held them in each other’s sights. With graduation looming, Benny knows it is time for her to move on from the sorority and her lingering feelings for Cleo, but when Cleo realizes she may lose Benny forever to a powerful demon, she must put her fears aside to discover if they can find the strength to let go of their pain and accept that the love between them is true.


Book Review

This is a sequel to ‘Better Off Red’. I believe it would be very helpful, perhaps even essential, to read them in sequence. 

This story contains vampires, pure demons, devastated families, a wedding, a baby, an incredible ending, beauty, loss, and love. I am fairly sure my list is incomplete but I hope I am expressing a sense of the depth and richness that permeates this entire book. The two primary characters are kind of serious, sometimes incorrigible, and have several poignant flaws that made their reconciliation complicated and painful on both sides. As I have come to expect from Rebekah Weatherspoon’s books, there were brilliant yet startlingly imaginative complex storylines sometimes uncomfortable to experience but essential to the total story arc. This was one conspicuous but heartrending tale. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! 

Benita Tarver, Benny, believes her one and only true love has in essence abandoned her forever. College students are still prone to adolescent extremes, but Benny might be on to something. As readers, we get to be in both Benny and then Cleo’s mind. That was such a bedazzling trip and a half, but perfectly suited for the opening chapters of this book. I adore Benny, she is just so amazing, eloquent, and annoyingly consistent! 

Cleopatra Jones, Cleo, is Benny’s lover. Cleo is now a vampire. That dramatic and climactic event, presented in ‘Better off Red’, snakes its way through all of Benny and Cleo’s relationship troubles as this sequel unfolds. Additionally, Cleo has not been able to distance herself from her human family causing many more of her adaptation difficulties. Cleo has a whole peck of troubles, hassles and attitude. I positively love Cleo and hurt like Hades when she did.

This book took me to my knees with tears, laughter, and instances of love that made me shake the rafters with joy, pain, and profound shifts in my very soul. I cannot guarantee life-changing experiences for every reader, but it is plausible to me that most folks might be completely overwhelmed and pleased to the max! Do read ‘Better off Red’ and then be wowed by ‘Blacker than Blue’!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 240 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-January-2013
Price $10.99 ebook, $16.95 paperback
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