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Binding the Edges (Tales from the Edge 8) by L.M. Somerton at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 10-January-2017

Book Blurb

Never let go of the one you love

After recent traumatic events, Olly is finding it hard to get his head around what happened. While he tries to deal with a maelstrom of emotions, renovations at The Edge are in full flow, alongside preparations for tenth anniversary celebrations. Joe, his Dom, recognises Olly’s delicate state of mind and does his best to reassure him. A trip to the New Forest with their friends, Aiden and Heath, helps the healing process.

Returning home, Olly and Aiden focus on preparations for the party. When Aiden is called away, Olly takes a walk to clear his head, keeping his eye on a brewing storm. To his horror, he discovers Mark Vickery, an old enemy, has landed on the island by boat and is out for revenge.

With Olly missing and the storm raging, Joe, Heath and Aiden set out on a rescue mission that unfolds in a way none of them expected. Can the storm wash away the past or will Olly and Joe’s future be destroyed by a twist of fate?

Book Review

It's very hard to believe (yes, Olly, I know, it's always hard) that this next book in the 'Tales from the Edge' series is about my four favorite characters. The last installment I read focused on them and now the author is gifting me, again? I really can never get enough of Olly, but add Joe, Heath, and Aiden, and I'm in heaven. Thank you, Lu, for this marvelous gift.

It was sad to see how much Olly is still suffering from his trauma of being kidnapped and almost killed in the previous book. Olly is always such a ray of sunshine, and snarky, mouthy, bratty, and mischievous, so it was tough watching him struggle. Olly not being able to pack for a trip is serious cause for concern as he usually stuffs everything he owns into two suitcases and is ready to go in minutes. I was glad that Joe and Olly, along with Heath and Aiden, were taking a few days away from the Edge before returning to finishing planning the anniversary party and overseeing renovations.

This wonderful group of friends head to The Retreat, the new BDSM manor that Carey and Alistair have bought and refurbished. Carey would very much like the opinions of his two oldest friends and their subs, before he and Alistair open to paying guests. The mansion is gorgeous and all the work Carey and Alistair have done restoring it to historical accuracy, while refurbishing it to attract the pickiest of BDSM members, leaves Olly and crew in amazement. It also gives Joe and Heath a great weekend with their subs. Refreshing and relaxing, something all of them needed.

It doesn't come as any great surprise that Olly's ex-Dom has been released on parole and comes looking for him. It was mentioned in the description, after all. The handling of said a**hole, however, was very well done and I liked that the author didn't spend too much time on it. What came after was even better when the sub club showed up to help Olly and Aiden with all the last-minute arrangements for the party. Olly is about to go nuclear with stress but instead he can spend time with old friends and gets everything accomplished that he and Aiden had arranged.

An absolutely fantastic finale to a series I have enjoyed and men I have fallen in love with. I loved the ending and thought it was perfect. Thank you, Lu.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 120 pages/42516 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-January-2017
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