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Billionaire's Valentine by Gem Frost at Daylily Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-February-2018

Book Blurb

My boss asked me out.

He isn't just some ordinary guy, either. Far from it. World-famous billionaire Blade Harrington wants me-- me, a lowly intern-- on his arm at a Valentine's Day ball.

He promised me it'll be the greatest evening I've ever had, complete with flowers, champagne, and a limo.

But will it really be a romantic night... or the worst mistake of my life?

Book Review

Valentine’s Day could be considered as a day of magic, a time for fantasies and wishes to come true, and this story definitely captures that spirit really well. Set in today’s business environment, where the rich live in a reality that is totally separate and very different from the world their employees have to deal with, it tells the story of Val, newly hired and recently graduated, and Blade, the company’s all-powerful CEO. It is a modern-day fairy tale of the best kind, and I loved every moment!

Val has only just graduated, has led a rather sheltered life since he lived with his mother until he got this job, and has never come out (or done anything sexual) since he feared her reaction. He is very naive in one way, yet far more realistic than Blade in others. Val’s “ascent” from the low floor he works on as an intern into Blade’s top-floor office expressed the discrepancies between their lives well. Val’s fear of having done something wrong to even be called to see the CEO was so real, I was shaking in my boots right alongside him. The author made it easy for me to relate to him, and his reactions to the “adventure” of going to the ball with Blade ranged from shocked to entertaining to what-the-heck is he going to do now that he has pretty much fallen for Blade – at least physically.

Blade is a bit of a scoundrel – and that is putting it politely. First, he only asks Val outto make his ex jealous – he doesn’t spend a single second thinking about Val’s side of the story. Empathy is not a word in this man’s vocabulary. Once Blade finds out that Val is totally innocent and has not even been kissed before, he doesn’t step back or reconsider, oh no, he charges on. And third, what he does, taking advantage of Val, could be considered sexual harassment since he is the all-powerful CEO and Val is a lowly intern, just graduated, and dependent on this job.

This is clearly a fairy tale; the men even address each other as “Cinderella” and “Prince Charming” in the beginning. Both of them are adults and go into the situation with eyes more or less open, so I decided to see the situation with different eyes. There is also the fact that Blade is by no means cold or intentionally cruel, he just has a lot to learn about “real life” and the differences between that and his own privileged existence. As such, I really enjoyed the “magic” the author spun for me and ended up liking this short story a whole lot!

If you like modern-day fairy tales, if you want to spend some time in the realm of “everything is possible” when Valentine’s magic is involved, and if – like me – you are a romantic at heart, you will probably like this charming short story. It’s not just a lot of fun but very hot!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 64 pages/13000 words
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Publication Date 02-February-2018
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